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January 23, 2017

Skin Doctors – beelift

As you probably already know I am a big fan of collagen – as your skin needs collagen to keep it plump and looking happy.  My aim is to keep my skin in the best condition possible (for my age) and unfortunately collagen production decreases with age – starting in your 20’s (eek!).  Collagen is one of your skin’s best friends so I am doing my best to hang on to mine, and am also very keen to try and get my body to produce more.

So along with eating well (mostly), not smoking, using a daily SPF and drinking as much water as I can (still a chore to be honest) I am super keen in products that talk about collagen.

So, when Skin Doctors sent me a box of their BeeLift to try out I was literally buzzing with excitement.

First off 50ml is a generous size and you don’t need much, in fact the instructions say “apply a small amount” which I always find to be reassuring (rather than apply a generous amount – to me this could translate as – ‘use it up so you have to buy more soon!’).

The product itself is a white cream, very lightweight with a soft fragrance of honey – one of the ingredients is manuka honey which is a bit of a superfood.


Beelift contains bee venom (so if you know you are allergic to bee stings it’s not for you, and the instructions recommend a ‘patch test’).  Of course it doesn’t hurt but the bee venom ‘tricks’ the skin into thinks it has been stung, so you skin defends itself and this defence stimulates collagen – yeh and you win the battle!
Beelift is clinically proven to triple the formation of collagen in 7 days and increase cell renewal in 15 days, all of which mean brighter firmer skin.

I have been using bee lift for a couple of the last 4 weeks and am enjoying the results.  First off no reactions at all and as stated earlier this is a lovely lightweight cream so is pleasant to use.

I have been applying as instructed AM and PM, concentrating on my areas of concern re sagging – so my neck, jaw area and cheeks – more or less my whole face then!  I’ve also been applying it to the back of my left hand only.  You apply Beelift in addition to your moisturiser so for me the sequence of events are:


The areas I have been using beelift on aren’t really very wrinkled, my my concern is sagging : (

I have noticed a real difference to my face,  to me it looks plumper and definitely fresher.   It also feels super soft which is great as it is the middle of winter so my skin is combating central heating, diet disaster (aka Christmas) etc.

My neck again I am happy with the results, it feels very smooth

Hands –  so just applied beelift to the left hand.  It feels softer (I’m always applying hand cream + SPF so it’s not like they are neglected) and I think the hand looks more even in terms of skin tone.

I have really enjoyed using beelift and am pleased to have discovered it.  It’s become part of my daily routine so I am carrying on using it.

And one final point : No bees are harmed in the production of beelift and Skin Doctors do not test on animals, so don’t worry Bee Happy!

* Post includes a PR sample


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