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XYZ Smart Collagen, easy as ABC

July 24, 2017

XYZ Smart Collagen

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I purchased this recently on a BOGOFF offer – the usual price for a jar is £29.99 but on this offer (with free P&P), it’s £15 each.

Simply put, the claims of XYZ Smart Collagen are : apply this cream and your skin will produce more collagen and within 12 weeks you should notice the difference.

However XYZ also claim that their collagen cream is ‘smart’ collagen, because it stimulates your skins fibroblasts to not only produce more collagen but to produce it at a controlled rate to produce collagen of a better (and lasting) quality.

XYZ only make this one product which is all natural and vegan friendly.  The active ingredient comes from a plant called bulbine frutescens?

First Impressions

My order came super quick, in a couple of days, and as I said earlier free P&P, plus the BOGOFF?

Also great aftercare – XYZ sent me a follow up email after I had had the product for about a week.  It asked me how I was getting on and gave some useful information on how to use.  Yes, there are instructions are on the box and the website, but I thought this was a really nice touch.

XYZ Smart Collagen comes in a white cardboard box, the ‘branding’ is quite simple black & white, which I feel works well and gives a sophisticated feel.  Also I think it is worth mentioning it is a box rather than a carton, so it has a lid.  I get a bit over excited about packaging sometimes and it may be just me, but if you keep boxes to use again it is a good one, so not something to just throw (recycle) away?

Thinking inside the box now! XYZ Smart Collagen comes in a jar with a screw lid.  The cream itself is pure white and fragrance free.  It is a thick texture, described as a luxe cream, I have quite dry skin so it suits me fine.

I could say the product is slightly over packaged – the jar itself sits in a little foam compartment.  The box and jar should be recyclable not sure about the foam bit, but Captain Planet ? (aka Mr BeautyBoo) will check that out!

xyz smart collagen lid off the pot
XYZ smart collagen pot and box

How to use

Directions state use it twice a day so nothing surprising there.  However what is a bit different from the norm is they say to use it around the eye contour, including the eye lid and brow bone.

The more I use it around the eye area the more I like it, (avoid the tear duct), honestly how often do you apply any product to your eyelid and brow bone?

Depending on how old you are this area of your face may not bother you that much.  However if like me you are over 44 (and then some) you will appreciate that your eyelids might not be as smooth as you would like – I’m talking crepiness.

Eye creams usually only advise you apply it below the eye.  I am liking the fact that this part of my face is now getting some attention.

For the rest of my face (& neck) I apply a smooth thin layer, and then apply my moisturiser and SPF.

The cream feels hydrating but as I have dry thirsty skin I like follow up with moisturiser.  If you have a more normal skin type you might be able to skip the moisturiser – but not the SPF ?


I’m a bit premature writing this post as I have only be using XYZ for about 2 weeks, I was going to write it after 12, but good news – I am seeing results already ?

When putting on my eyeliner I notice that the brush is running a lot smoother along my top lash line.  My eyelids feel smoother and look less crinkly.   This might not be a big deal if you don’t suffer from crepiness, but for me if this was the only improvement it would still be a major result

As I said earlier I don’t normally apply any product to my eyelids so using XYZ Collagen cream is the only thing that has been applied there so must be working.

XYZ smart collagen on hand

I have quite a few weeks to go until I get to the 12 week mark, however with two lots of cream I should have plenty of product to get me there, and beyond, I will keep you posted

You only need to use a little, about 1/2 a teaspoon for you face and the same for your neck.

For more information and to buy visit XYZ Collagen.

For now, kisses ??

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