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July 23, 2018

2018 Beauty Goals update

At the beginning of the year I wrote a post called 2018 wish list.

1 jan 2018 date

It’s now July, over half the year gone.  And today I just sent my first email with the word Christmas in it!

I thought I would review my goals and see how I am getting along. In a word – poorly.

There were just 3 things on my list:

  • Protein supplement
  • Esho Sculpt
  • Bum Bum cream

I kept my list short as I wanted it to be achievable – turns out so far it is  0 out of 3!


I never purchased the that I referred to but I did buy The Slender Blend as it was on offer and had the words low calorie, low fat on the package.

Getting it home and reading up on it (bad blogger) I realised it was kind of a weight loss drink.  I wasn’t planning to use it as a meal supplement as I have always found it more interesting to eat rather than drink my calories.

Nevertheless, I decided to try it.  I had purchased the vanilla flavour and it tasted really nice but I found after a few days it started to give me really bad stomach cramps ?

I persevered with it as I thought maybe I needed to get used to it, but my tummy continued to grumble.

A few days in I started to go off the taste, probably because it was making me feel grotty.  I stopped using it after about 2 weeks.

I’m not sure why it didn’t like me or maybe I couldn’t tolerate the whey.   I haven’t felt the need to invest in another protein powder again – the experience has put me off.

I am trying to eat more protein and include it at every meal time – easy to do eggs, natural yoghurt etc.

Esho Sculpt

I did try and purchase this but was never able to find it, and now realise that the link on my original post is broken ?

After doing some research it transpires that Esho Scuplt has been discontinued – so maybe it wasn’t as good as all the hype?  I may never know.

So now I am left pondering on purchasing  Gold Collagen lip balm which is from Gold Collagen better known for their daily collagen drinks.

Gold Collagen Anti Ageing Lip Voulmiser claims to increase hydration, volume and reduce lip lines.

RRP is £19 so it’s an investment.  Not as easy to purchase locally unless Harrods is your local but you can buy it online.

If I get it I shall definitely be writing a review, but I am still not sure.

Bum Bum cream

This is still very much on my list.  I’ve read all the fantastic reviews about the smell, I have not experienced the scent myself, and I would like to before I buy it.  Again tricky to buy apart from online in the UK, but I have a plan…

I am going to New York later in the year and my number one tourist attraction has to be a trip to the big apple’s biggest Sephora on 34th street. ???

However, if the big apple lets me down I shall have no choice but to bite it – right on the Bum Bum!

I need your help ?

I need your help lovely readers.  Below is a list of questions from me to you below.  If you can help please leave me a comment:

  • What is the best protein powder?
  • Esho Scuplt – was it any good?
  • Collagen Gold lip balm – have you tried it?
  • Can you recommend me a lip plumper?
  • Have you used  Bum Bum Cream ?  What’s it like and is it as good as they say?

Thank you in advance xx

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