Wake up happy ? with (no) Frownies*

August 28, 2018

The lines on my face

Every line tells a story, or so they say.  I think my story therfore would be of a life full of wonderment, surprises and laughter!

You see I don’t really have any frown lines as such.  The lines I do have are:

  • above my eyebrows – surprise lines
  • around my eyes – laughter lines
The ones above my eyebrows bother me, enough to recently have a full fringe cut back in after years of having a side one.  I would like to impove these lines.

Botox? It freezes your face and isn’t really recommended above the eyebrows as it could lead to eyebrow droop ? – just not worth the risk. Plus as I say it freezes your face, and my eyebrows do like to wriggle and move so it’s not an option for me.My laughter lines don’t really bother me anymore, they used to when I was younger, but my main concern now is dark circles (and people telling me I look tired, when I’m not).


Frownies Facial patches, forehead and between the eyes
Frownies are a great brand and name but not just for Frown lines – their patches are for any line you would like to see softened in a natural way that you control.
I’ve used Frownies in the past (they’ve been around since 1889!)  Over the years the brand has stayed true to its original product but has also expanded it’s range which now includes products for both your face and body (including great value packs and bundles).  To shop the full range please click HERE

My lines

I was recently sent a box of Frownies Patches ‘for the forehead and between the eyes’, so just the job for the lines above my eyebrows.  They would also be perfect for horizontal forehead lines and the lines that run up between the eyebrows (sometimes referred to as ‘elevens’).
If I was looking to treat my laughter or smile lines Frownies do a different shape of facial patch for these areas.


In case you don’t know how Frownies work they are really easy, you just stick them on your lines.

Frownies Facial patches, forehead and between the eyes, face wash and rose water hydrator

However as with a lot of things a little preparation goes a long way.  Frownies give you full instructions on how to apply your patches for the best result:

Skin needs to be clean and dry.  Included with my box of Frownies was a bottle of their PH Balancing Face Wash.  This lovely addition to the range does a great job cleaning my face and it smells d-i-v-i-n-e.

On reading the label I discovered it is an organic face wash containing lavender, tangerine, apple, grapefruit and lemon – hence the lovely fruity smell. Plus it’s Vegan ?

Frownies Facial patches, forehead and between the eyes, face wash and rose water hydrator
The next recommended but optional step is to moisturise your face with a product that is not greasy – Frownies Face and Neck Moisturiser would be a good choice.
Next is to give your lines a gentle massage to stimulate circulation and help relax the facial muscles.  A quick rub with a finger is how I do it.
Now for the fun part – sticking the Frownies patch onto that line to shut it down!
The patches need to stick to your skin and have a shiny side that you need to moisten.  You could use water (don’t lick it) however they have a rather lovely rose water spray specifically for the job.

Frownies Rose Water Hydrator (organic and vegan) comes in a spray pump and contains – as you would expect, rose water but  also Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E which all help to plump up the lines whilst the Frownie holds it down!

Frownies Facial patches, forehead and between the eyes and rose water hydrator
Next, you stretch out the skin to try to separate the lines and then you whack on the patch.
Instructions state leave them on for at least 3 hours, as I said I do overnight.  In the morning remove and discard the patch.
The patches are made of unbleached natural kraft paper so whilst they are one use you can recycle them.


Frownies recommend you leave the patches on for a least 3 hours, but ideally overnight.  They are designed to smooth out the skin and therefore lessen the lines.
The lines above my eyebrows… they don’t come and go, they are wrinkles.  I didn’t expect them to disappear they are too deep, but I was looking for them to soften.  A lesser type of line or fine line would not put up such resistance!
Below are some photos which show the before and after – and after only one day of use.
It speaks volumes doesn’t it – they do look better in the morning.The light in the photos is different as one was taken at night, the other in the morning.  I have 3 lines and the bottom line is the worse.   I can really see an improvment ?

Frownies before and after
Left night before : Right the morning after

I used two patches above each eyebrow.

Frownies facial patches on face above eyebrow

A box of Frownies Facial Patches for the forehead and between the eyes (rrp £20.95) contains 144 patches.  Enough for over a month worth of sleeps and some very good mornings ?.Just remember to take them off before you leave the house!

*post includes PR samples

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