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November 7, 2018

Holiday Souvenirs

I love a foreign pharmacy/chemist and whilst in the USA recently was able to indulge in a couple – Sephora and CVS plus Saks which is a department store (none of which are in the UK).

Sephora in case you don’t already know are a French beauty Emporium carrying an extensive range of mid to high range beauty brands – hair, skincare and make up, many of which you can’t get in UK stores and it’s a struggle to buy online. They also have an own brand range. CVS are similar in the UK to Superdrug or Savers but because this is the USA it’s much bigger.

Sephora was my number one stop, and the highlight of my trip so I went in armed with a shopping list.

The assistants do that very un-British thing of coming up and asking if you need help but they aren’t pushy at all and are happy to leave you alone to browse.

I went to the mall and this is what I got!Bum Bum cream, Beauty Bursts, cocofloss, hum collagen tablets, marc jacobs, By terry powder, lipstickSEPHORA

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($45 + tax / £34 approx)

This cult body moisturiser from Brazil has been on my wish list for 2018. It is a fast-absorbing all over body cream said to tighten and smooth.

You can get this in the UK from Cult Beauty however I wanted to smell its renowned fragrance before I committed my cash, it did not disappoint.

It just smells happy! Fruity, sexy, and fun. I brought a tub of the cream and also the Brazilian 4 Play Moisturising Shower Cream-Gel ($25 + tax / £19 approx) that smells equally as good.The range also includes a hand cream which I didn’t get, and I regret that – what a bummer!

Cocofloss ($8 + tax / £6 approx)

I am so looking forward to the day when all my orthodontist work is complete. I’ve written various posts about my Invisalign journey and my recent (hated) motion carrier device.

One day it will be over but for now I am using cocofloss delicious mint and pure strawberry to cheer me up a little.

Cocofloss – flavoured dental floss made with coconut oil. Vegan and 32 yards long.

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon ($25 + tax / £19 approx)

This is the star product of the Sephora haul.
I knew I wanted a new waterproof eyeliner as I had left my usual Chanel one in the UK, and whilst it is OK it does not have the staying power.
I have quite a greasy eye area which is a mixed blessing (less wrinkles) but a pain when it comes to mascara and pencils. I am very prone to smudges ?.
Mascara wise I have more or less cracked it with Estée Lauder double wear which is now the only mascara I buy.

Pencil purchase – I asked an assistants advice and without any hesitation she said Marc Jacobs.

It comes in a great range of colours, I dithered between dark purple, sludgy green ( my eye colour ) but in the end stayed safe and opted for black.

It is superb, goes on soft and stays put, it does fade a bit during the day but it absolutely does not run.  If you suffer with eyeliner smudge BUY IT !Perricone  MD no Lipstick, Lipstick ($30 + tax / £23 approx)

This wasn’t on my list, but it still got in!

It’s a universal nude coloured lipstick with SPF 15 and aimed to revitalise older lips. Packed with neuropeptides it hydrates and smooths the appearance of lip lines and thereby restoring fullness.

I like my lips, I feel they are my best feature, but they aren’t as full as they once were, however lip injections are not something I would consider so I need to find plumpness in other ways.

I like the colour and this feels nice, I hope it helps to preserve my pout and it’s great that it’s got an SPF.

Hum Collagen Pop Tablets ($12 + tax / £9 approx)

Oh collagen how I  ❤️ you !

These tablets dissolve in water and give you a daily boost of marine collagen and Vitamin C.

Super portable, 10 in a tube. Rose and lemon flavour and they taste great.


Neocell, Hair Skin & Nails chews ($12 + tax / £9 approx)

My shopping list took me to CVS specifically to look for one thing, Neocell beauty bursts which are collagen sweets.

I used to purchase them from Amazon but they disappeared and I’ve not been able to find them anywhere else online.

CVS came up trumps.  Turns out the name has changed to Hair, Skin & Nails beauty chews, the flavour is berry medley.

They are exactly as I remember them, same taste and texture (chews) but now you take just one a day (was two).

Now I know the new name I hope to be able to find them online for delivery to the UK.


Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder By Terry

Sephora didn’t do this – the shop assistant hadn’t even heard of the brand.

I did get it though in Saks who had a By Terry counter.  It’s wasn’t cheap at $60 (about £45) but if you have older skin you can’t afford to wear any old powder – and ‘baking’ is a complete No No.

You need a powder that is going to hydrate your lines rather than settle in them.  This powder does the job.

A colourless powder (but it looks white) it sets makeup and smooths the skin for a flawless finish.  It gives a matt finish and contains micro-fine hyaluronic acid spheres that help to fill in the lines, rather emphasise them.

Of course the other option would be to forsake powder completley, but I like to use powder to ‘set’ my makeup.

On the list – but it didn’t get in ?

I  really thought I wanted this and I still do but it’s just too expensive (rrp £162).
The price alone was enough to make me see sense but then I discovered Neroli Portofino Forte which is even more expensive (rrp £218)!
Of the two I preferred the more expensive but I had to walk away, sometimes you just have to know your limits…


All of this shopping was done in Long Island New York, not Manhattan.  At the Walt Whitman Shopping Centre shopping mall.

It is a large (UK large) shopping centre/mall on one floor and at the time of my visit, Friday morning (term time) very quiet.

Shops include Macy’s, Bloomingdales, MAC, Sephora and Saks to name just a few, for more information see their website – Walt Whitman Shopping Centre
The CVS that I visited was 5 mins walk away located on the Jericho Turnpike, Huntington Station.

As ever, thanks for reading and ‘have a nice day’ !

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