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March 6, 2017

Tropic Skincare

You may have heard of this brand before – the founder Susan Ma appeared on the Apprentice in 2011 but didn’t make it to the final stage.

Still we all make mistakes!  Lord Sugar realised his and after the event helped her to launch Tropic Skincare.

Personally I hadn’t heard of Tropic Skincare before so when my local Tropic Skincare Ambassador, Sharon invited me to an evening of beauty and bliss – I sent my RSVP straight away.

Having a great hostess at a party is a must and Sharon made us all feel more than welcome.  She had set up a wonderful display (see below), the packaging is beautiful and … tropical ??!

Visually stunning products make you eager to try,  Sharon even managed to find cotton wool buds that matched the branding!

We had a great evening trying and smelling all of the gorgeous products, there was too much choice really, however I plumped for three of the face masks
  • Clear Skin (Green)
  • Face Lift (Yellow)
  • Deep Hydration (Purple)
  • … and the Mask Spatula!
You probably already know I am a big lover of a good mask but usually it’s a Sheet Mask.  One of the reasons for this is they are so easy and mess free to apply.
With a regular mask I tend to get it all over the place and don’t like it when they get under and around my nails.  At the beauty salon they always seem to ‘paint’ your mask on, so when I realised what the spatula was for it all started to make sense!
OK so why did I buy three masks?
Tropic suggest you contour with the masks – i.e. to get the best result for your skin you should contour them to your face.
For me – I applied (painted using the spatula) the Clear Skin (green) to my breakout areas which are my chin and nose.  I painted Face Lift (yellow) to my jaw line and neck, and then finished with a coat of Deep Hydration (purple) everywhere else.
This was turning into serious fun! I did look a bit like an extra from Braveheart but it makes sense,  if you have combination skin like me (normal to dry, but I still get spots and starting to lose a bit of firmness along my jaw line and neck).
Instructions state to leave the masks on for 10-20 mins.  Clear Skin and Face Lift are both the type of masks that dry on the skin (and the type that usually get stuck under my nails – no more thanks to the Mask Spatula).
Deep Hydration is a little different,  it is a cream (a soft raspberry colour) this one sinks into the skin depending on how dehydrated you are.  Would be a good one to use by itself over night too.
After the time was up I jumped into the shower to rinse the masks off – WOW!
As the products rinsed off I was surrounded by the beautiful tropical aromas.
Post shower I  patted my skin dry and applied my usual routine of serum and moisturiser, although its worth noting I didn’t need very much moisturiser as my skin was feeling super hydrated and soft.


Reading a blog is hopefully fun and informative, but it can’t let you smell how incredibly lush these masks smelt.  Honestly they are gorgeous and it’s no surprise really as these masks are packed full of 100% naturally derived ingredients and freshly handmade in the Great Britain – click here to read Tropic’s beliefs & values
Clear Skin is zesty and fresh thanks to Lime, while Face Lift has Elderflower, and Deep Hydration has Blackcurrant leaf.
Tropic list all of their ingredients and their products are verified by The Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International ?
I love all of the masks – my favourite one for the smell is Clear Skin, my skin drank in Deep Hydration and I am sure my neck enjoyed being pampered too with Face Lift.
The Mask Spatula is a tool of genius and has made me think differently about ‘traditional’ face masks – (no more mucky fingers:)
You can purchase Tropic products either at a Tropic Skincare Party or online – click here for the lovely Sharon’s Tropic Skincare Website.
I will be writing a review shortly about – Tropic Skincare Good Skin Day, so make sure you follow me 🙂


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    March 8, 2017 at 9:15 pm

    This looks really interesting I haven't heard of them before… Must look out for a party… Love a good skin care/make up parties really miss them!!!

  • Reply
    March 11, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    They are FAB – the spatula is such a simple thing but I am loving using it ! x

  • Reply
    April 7, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    April 2019. My local Tropic rep (Sharon) is no longer a Tropic Rep.

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