Three Women by Bunmi Oyinsan : Book Review*

April 24, 2021

Three Women book by Bunmi Oyinsan

Three Women by Bunmi Oyinsan

There has been a lot of hard work at home recently (you may have seen my house renovation posts if not you can see some Before & Afters here). So sitting back and relaxing is more important than ever.

Whilst I won’t be getting a holiday by the sea this year, a good book can still take me to another place.  This book, Three Women took me to another country, Africa and at times it felt like another world.

The book tells the stories of three women – Grandmother, Daughter and Granddaughter. It’s beautifully written and the use of a lot of local terms (which the author helpfully footnotes) paints a vivid picture of the lives of these women and life in Africa.

It introduced me to a world very different from my own, and reading it as a White British Woman I did find myself thinking how fortunate I am as whilst a work of fiction, sadly some elements of the book could well be fact.

At times it was shocking, often sad, but kept me reading, as the central character Oyinkan (the daughter) just keeps going and gives a great source of hope, and I needed to know her fate.

Set in Nigeria the book tells a tale of a young innocent girl who loves her Grandmother and God and she tells us her story through school years, first ‘love’, marriage, motherhood and finally taking her own path and obtaining a degree of control in what is a somewhat a man’s world.

Through intimate journals and letters we also find more about the life of her Grandmother and her Mother and how their lives are entwined but often misunderstood.

Throughout the book I felt myself rooting for Oyinkan (the daughter) and was grateful when she found a friend that ‘got her’ at school.  My hopes for her were high when she escaped her mother’s toxic household and married a man who at first I thought seemed decent, but over the years his treatment of her was so much less than she deserved.  To say she put up with a lot is a bit of an understatement!

This book is a tale ultimately of survival in a tough and unforgiving world.

As I said – thought provoking.




Good to know:

  • ISNB 9781461002987
  • 321 pages + prologue
  • Paperback £8.00 at Amazaon
  • Took me 2 weeks to read ( I am a slow reader, plus still had the decorating to do!)

*gifted product, words are my own

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