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September 12, 2018

Self-tanning virgin

If you’re a regular reader of my blog (thank you) you will no doubt be aware that preserving my skin is my beauty biggie – and I don’t tan.

I’m obsessive about wearing sun protection every day on my face (SPF 50+ ).  During the summer if I have any extra flesh on show, then that gets the SPF 50+ treatment too.  Needless to say, I always look pale.

Why not tan?

I love the look of bronzed skin on others, but I could never get the golden look from sun bathing.  I am so pale I don’t tan, but I do most definitely burn.

Sunburnt skin is damaged skin and UV damage will deplete the collagen in your skin, which is already on the decline from your 20’s.  Plus there is the connection with UV sun damage and skin nasties, so I abstain when it comes to getting a tan.

Why not self-tan then?

I’ve had a bit of a hang-up with self-tanners and having never had a tan I wasn’t sure if it would even suit me.

Plus I remember the self-tanners of my youth, these were not very nice – smelly, sticky, streaky and turned you orange.  Times have moved on but my opinion was still stuck in the late 80’s, until now…

The Venetian Collection by Norvell Tanning

What a great introduction to self-tanning.

Norvell are the number 1 professional brand, and this year are tanning the stars of Strictly Come Dancing.

I’ve been testing two products from their Venetian range. The Self Tanning Mousse (£25.99) and 4-Faces spray (£9.99), both are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (makes me think I’ve been missing out  – I can have, and suit a tan!)

Self Tanning Mousse

The key ingredient in this luxurious mousse is VIO-7™ which is a unique blend of anti-orange bronzer pigments, designed to give a very natural golden tan.

The first time I applied the mousse I used my hands but I did follow the instructions to try and protect them from staining. It did work but during the application I was concerned about staining so was a bit cautious with my application.  For a first attempt it was OK but a bit patchy as I had missed bits.

A quick trip to Superdrug resulted in the purchase of an Australis double-sided application mitt on offer at £3.95.  The mitt is lovely and soft plus it’s washable.

My second application was much better.  Because I was using a mitt I wasn’t worried about getting brown palms and nails so I was more thorough and generous with my application.

You do need to make sure your skin is hydrated pre-application so I happily slathered on my Hempz Milk & Honey body moisturiser.

The mousse looks dark when dispensed but once on my skin it went a lovely golden colour – very natural.

Because it has a bronzer it gives instant colour and you can easily spot where you have been.  Using the mitt I was able to diffuse at the edges so my tan blended with the non tanned skin.

I showered off the next day, nothing had rubbed off on the bed sheets and I had a gorgeous golden looking tan.

Venetian 4-Faces Mist

I also tried the 4-Faces mist.

You could just spray this direct to your face however I preferred to use a makeup sponge for a lovely and very natural sun kissed glow.

As I am naturally pale, and have fine lines I didn’t apply the mist to my whole face, just the areas that would catch the sun IF I ever let it!

Don’t be scared, the mist looks very dark but it does dry to a lovely golden colour – promise.

Personally I don’t think a full face of tan would suit me.

However,  I admit a bit of subtle “sunshine” on my skin does pep me up – ie. “you look well”


How long has this been going on?

As I said I am a self-tan newbie so can’t compare Norvell to other products. I do however live with a self tan and spray tan fan, so I also gave Mr BeautyBoo an all over treatment with the mousse.
(although he did look a bit alarmed when I approached him with my mitt and told him to strip!)

I think the Norvell gives him a much more natural look than his normal self-tan and even the spray gun tan.  Plus it seems to be wearing off in a very even way – it isn’t going patchy.

He is very impressed with the results and loves how long the colour lasts.


Regardless of whether you are a newbie self-tanner (like me) or are already a golden god or goddess, I think you will love the Venetian range by Norvell.

They are great products, easy to use and give really natural long lasting results.

But do remember they DON’T offer any sun protection.

Other products in the Norvell Venetian range include:

Sunless Mist : £35.99
A tanning mist with a micro-fine spray, with no orange.

Sunless Colour Extender : £19.99
A rich moisturiser mixed with an effective amount of DHA to prolong your Venetian tan.

To shop the full range and for more information please visit :

*post includes PR sample

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