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December 4, 2017

Vitamin D3

Your body produces Vitamin D naturally by the action of sunlight on the skin.  However, if you are serious about skincare you are more than likely applying a daily sunscreen and I personally use a hefty SPF50 all year round (on my face).

Add to this I am in my 40’s (but only for a few more months) plus I am currently wearing braces (Invisalign), so my teeth are moving which means the bones are changing shape.

Excluding sunshine, good natural sources of Vitamin D are:

  • oily fish
  • red meat
  • liver
  • fortified foods

or you can take a supplement.

I am not quite a vegetarian I eat chicken about once a week but nothing with four legs ? or anything that swims ?!

I began to wonder, Could I be at risk of not getting enough Vitamin D?

After some research I decided I should take Vitamin D and went for D3 in liquid form as it seemed like an easier option than a pill.

Nature’s Garden Vitamin D3

I purchased this liquid form of Vitamin D3 from Holland & Barrett, however I am sure you can get it elsewhere i.e. Amazon.

It is an orange flavoured liquid, the ingredients are quite simple and no added sugar.

Directions state you can take it neat or dilute it.

The flavour is of orange but it is very very subtle, I was expecting an orange coloured liquid but it is actually clear, so no added colouring ?

I took it first off in water and could not taste anything.  Advice is to take four drops, so I now take it neat, can barely taste the orange, plus 4 drops is a really tiny amount so it is no trouble at all.

How much and how often?

The instructions state take four drops daily.  I have read some reports that say it is possible to over do the Vitamin D so I take this Monday-Friday only (weekends off).

Your body (clever thing that it is) doesn’t make too much Vitamin D from sun exposure which is good to know, so you still need to wear a good sun screen.

As I said earlier I always use a SPF50 on my face and  most of my neck (when I remember) but don’t tend to use any sun protection anywhere else during the summer in the UK.

I don’t tan but neither do I have a lot of flesh exposed in the summer (some people have a summer and winter wardrobe, I just have a wardrobe and its mainly black!)

I think with being out and about in the summer coupled with the fact you only need a tiny amount  of sun exposure (about 20mins) to get your daily natural sun produced Vitamin D, would mean taking this supplement in the summer would be un-necessary.

Therefore, this supplemented routine is just going to be during the winter when the sun hasn’t got his hat on.

If you, like me, wear a daily sunscreen it might be worth you too checking out the advice on Vitamin D?

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