The importance of making time for yourself*

December 11, 2017

Me time

Me time, often talked about, good to have etc, but what does it actually mean to you?  I don’t think I can sum it up as doing any one particular activity.

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It’s not just about having some time out to read a book or have a long soak in some bubbles, well that isn’t what it means for me anyway, what it does mean I think is having t-i-m-e.

Like you I am pretty busy and on the go most of the time.  I don’t have children to run around after (or run me around!) but I do work full time, have loved ones that depend on me and have a generally busy life.

However, I didn’t think I was the type of person you could possible say they didn’t get any ‘Me Time’, until I recently found myself having some!

Let me explain…

A rare day off

It has all been work, work work, and various domestic, health and family issues to deal with recently.

When I do have anytime off I always have a list of things to do and usually too much planned.

I was owed some time off work so recently booked a Friday off as a day to catch up with house work, paper work, blog posts etc and have a lie in.  I also had a checkup at my orthodontist.

The luxury of being able to take your time

Monday to Friday I am up and out of the house in less than 30 mins.  After 30 plus years of full time work my morning routine is just that routine, mostly the same and always quick.

In preparation for my Friday off I managed to get my house work done on the Thursday night as Mr Beautyboo had wandered into a local pub pub and wouldn’t be back till later…. ?   Which meant come Friday my chores were all done and off my to do list ?

My lie in (when you regularly get up at 7am) was only till 8am, so once dog walking and breakfast was done it was only 9.30am.  Which meant I could start getting ready to go out at mid day.

I had two and a half hours (!) to get ready and oh the bliss, to be able to take my time.  It transpires that this is my definition of Me Time.

The process of Getting back to me

A long hot shower

To help with the morning routine I usually shower in the evening, but on this day I was able to shower before I went out.

It might not sound like a big deal but it is to me.  Having the time in the shower to do the works -wash, buff, exfoliate, deep condition etc all at my leisure, no one else in the house apart from a sleepy dog.

I was so indulging myself I actually took two showers.  During the first one I just basically got my hair wet as I then applied a hair treatment, Olaplaex Number 3, which is applied to towel dry hair before shampoo and conditioner.

Number 3 is the at home product of the Olaplaex range and you need to leave it on for at least 10 mins, and today I had the time to do a whole 30 minutes.

Whilst in shower number 2, I gave my body a really good buff with some Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub which is quite a grainy scrub, too harsh for the face (which it isn’t designed for) but great on knees, elbows and thicker skin.

After this I washed it away as usual with Elancyl Shower Gel and then a massage with my Elancyl Massage Glove and Activ’ Slimming Massage gel.

Post shower I had them time to properly and methodically apply my body moisturiser and treatments.

For my cellulite prone areas – arms, thighs, bottom and tummy I applied a good dollop of Clarins Body Fit which is an anti cellulite lotion.

I really like it, but don’t always seem to have the time to apply it.  I have previously written a review about it which you can read HERE.

Clarins Body Fit

After followed Palmers Cocoa Butter SPF15 – this is a super thick lotion, smells of coconut and has an SPF15.

It take a while to absorb into the skin (hence I don’t apply it as often as I should) on this day I put on a thick towelling dressing gown to allow myself absorbing time!!

We have hair and make up

I have a pretty good skincare routine and I always do a double cleanse and apply a day or night cream, eye cream, SPF and face oil.  But today I took time using and appreciating every item.  I gave myself a mini facial massage which included my neck and décolletage.

Make up done it was time to give myself a proper blow dry rather than a quick blast from my gorgeous Parlux Hair Dryer.  I am never going to make as good a job as my hairdresser but it came close.

A recent find and a can’t live without product is a leave in conditioning spray from the Wella Elements range.  I always apply this to my hair pre every blow dry.

Wella Elements Leave in conditioner

Having the time though on this particular day I sectioned my hair, and made sure it was well and truly dry.  I even did the cold shot technique to help set it.

What to wear, matching things ups

I had the time to actually look through my wardrobe and knicker drawer.  On this day, Ta-Dah! matching underwear!!  (As opposed to the normal routine of blindly pulling out pants from the drawer and wearing what ever bra I had on the day before).

It also felt great putting on fresh clean (non work) clothes post shower.

It’s Me

Granted after my mega two hour plus getting ready I really didn’t look any different from normal! But, I felt sooooo much better.

Together, polished, my mind felt clam again  – I felt more like err, Me!

I am definitely going to make an effort to pencil in some more ‘Me Time’, it needs to be a New Years Resolution I think.

For me, Me Time is nothing fancy – just some time to slowly get ready, unfazed and happy.

Do you know what yours is?  What do you wish for? I would love to know..

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