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January 9, 2017

Shisedo Facial Razor (3 pack)

I know, I know we have all been told that a girl should never shave her face:

# 1 girls aren’t meant to have any facial hair
# 2 shaving any hair can make it grow back stronger/coarser/darker

Now I’m sure none of us are going to happily put our hands up and say “Yeh! I have facial hair!” However, most women do have some hair on their face (we all have eyebrows don’t we?) and have more than likely at some time thought about how best to deal with it.

This post is about eyebrow hair

My brows are quite thick, which I am pleased about as I can get a nice shape – I have always plucked them myself (did have them threaded a couple of times but it is a bit hit and miss depending on who does them)  and  I actually quite like plucking my eyebrows (there is an element of me that enjoys ‘picking my face’!)

The thing is, I basically have quite a hairy forehead! – well not all of it thankfully but a lot of down/blonde hairs above my eyebrows.  For the last 25 years or so I have been plucking these hairs out but it takes a long time and as the hairs are blonde, (so why remove them?), I tend to think ‘finished’ and then realise I have missed a load.  As well as above my eyebrows I also get some blonde hairs beneath my eyebrows, which I again I want gone.

I recently read a review of dermaplaning on  and it got me thinking – shall I try and shave my eyebrows??!!!

All this thinking led me to purchasing Shiseido Facial Razors.  There are lots of other brands about but I plumped for Shiseido as I have heard of the brand and at £3.75 they were an inexpensive buy.

I was a bit worried about the word razor as I didn’t really want to shave off my eyebrows or cut my face, but on closer  inspection the razors not very scary looking and have teeth rather than a razor blade.

The instructions are not in English but the big thing to remember is – use  them on dry skin.  There is a diagram  on the back of the packet which seem to imply downward brush strokes (but as I had already read Sarah’s post over at I had a good idea of what to do).  So, carefully I started to remove the hairs above my eyebrows.

I am happy to report it was very easy, the razor is easy to use and control and there was no damage to my face or eyebrows 🙂  You can feel if you are going the right  way and by using a magnifying mirror I could see the hairs being swept away.

I also noticed, as well as removing the hairs I could also see quite a lot of dead skin coming off too – so a mini exfoliation.

I then went underneath my eyebrows and even in-between them to get the really fine hairs.  All in all a very successful experiment.  My eyebrows looked more groomed than normal and the skin above my eyebrows clearer and brighter, I felt it made me look more awake.

I could have got quite carried away as I found it all very satisfying and I do have some very fine downy hairs on my cheeks, but I held back – and stepped away from the razor!

I cleaned the blade after with a wipe from a clean tissue and they sprayed it with Medik8 Dermal Roller sanitiser which I purchased from Face the Future.

I am curious to see how quickly the hair grows back – but this was a super quick addition to my beauty routine so even if I need to do it often it won’t be a chore (in fact I rather enjoyed it).


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    January 9, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    Great post! I always use these kind of razors for my eyebrows now. It's just so quick and easy. I've never looked back since doing my whole face as my skin really benefits from the regular exfoliation and all my skin care products are able to permeate deeper too. Plus, when I do use foundation, it applies so much better. 😀 I've recently been testing out some new razors which are the best I've used to date. 🙂

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