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Repair Emulsion R4

I purchased this from my hairdressers, and I am so glad I did.  It works!

My hair is over processed, and quite coarse and dry, but this stuff makes it soft and manageable.
It ‘s got a lovely scent too.

To use, give the can and really really good shake, a a brief squirt produces a moose that you smooth all over your hair, concentrating on the ends.  Do this after shampooing, this replaces the need for conditioner.  Leave it on for as long as you can and then a really good rinse – I was told to repeat the alphabet twice to gauge the right amount of time!

Results, super smooth and managable hair – swish, swish.

I tend to use it every 10 days.

Tip the more you shake the can the longer it lasts, ie you are getting every last drop.


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