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Sunscreen – does yours protect you from your phone?

June 21, 2022

Ultrasun SPF 50+ Face Fluid

Not another sunscreen post I hear your say!

Daily application of a high protection sunscreen is a daily occurence for me, come rain or shine and everything inbetween.

I always check the labels for UVA and UVB protection but now I also check for Blue Light protection or HEV (High Energy Visible Light)

Why Blue Light

HEV is emitted from the sun but also digital devices, and is said to penetrate deeper than  ‘regular’  UV light, down to the levels in our skin where collagen sits, and I want my collagen to be kindly left alone please.

If you think about the time you are sat in front of a screen or looking at a phone or tablet each day  and be honest add up the minutes… you might also feel like me it makes sense to protect your dermis against this as well.

Besides from skincare, another quick fix is to change the settings on your phone  if you have the option to disable blue light – look for a setting called night mode or similar.  Other options might be to add some type of protective film or even wear glasses which offer blue light protection?


There seems to be a fair few brands now offering HEV protection in their sunscreens and I’ve also seen it cropping up in foundations too eg Candid by Revlon.

My current sunscreen is by Ultrasun their Face Fluid, daily moisturising, brightening and anti-pollution UV defense fluid.

Anti-Spot and Anti -Pollution UV and Infrared A / Blue light UVA abd UVB SPF 50+, very high protection, is everything it says on the bottle. The bottle is on the small side only 40ml the rrp (June 2022) is about £28 but it is worth shopping around online as I picked mine up for £20.

Ultrasun say you should apply 2 fingers worth of this every day to your face and neck, I don’t find that is enough though so use about double.  It takes a while to absorb but sits pretty well under make up, although during the first week I did get a bit of what I thought was a spot starting on my skin but it didn’t come to anything.

I like it, I use it after my current Hyaluronic Acid serum, and moisturiser.  However when it runs out I doubt I will repurchase it as I am not overwhelmed by it and have already decided to go back and buy another well loved sunscreen from the Heliocare 360 range…

Whatever you do – wear sunscreen, your older skin will thank you for it.


**post includes some affliated links and a previouly gifted product.

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