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October 23, 2017


I first came across the name StriVectin in 2005.  Back then they called themselves StriVectin-SD and there was a lot of hype around a stretch mark cream they made that was also said to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles…

Ever curious I purchased some, but only the once so I can’t have noticed any difference. Whilst I can’t remember anything about the product I did remember the name, which I noticed recently whilst looking for a UV hair protector spray.

Which lead me to purchase NIA 114 Color ?? Care UV Protection Spray.

err NIA 114?

Not a very catchy name for a product is it?

StriVevctin (they have dropped the SD from their name) now have a hair care range and NIA 114 is not the name of this product, but the patented molecule that they use in all of their products.

To be correct this product is actually called UV Protective Spray (for colour ?? treated hair) and that is why I purchased it.



Quite a long list of ingredients, but StriVectin focus on two trade marked names –  NIA-114 and Multi-Shield Antioxidant Complex, which all seems very… confusing.  They do clear things up on their website, and I quote:

“Formulated with NIA-114™ and Multi-Shield Antioxidant Complex™, it protects hair from harmful UV rays, free radicals and oxidative stress while helping preserve keratin for stronger hair strands. Soothes and hydrates scalp while improving overall hair health…”

I understand the above and it is what I am after.
(also free from parabens, sulphates)

Sun, Sea and Bleach

Holiday hair – I have a lot of friends that see the positive affects of hot and sunny climes for their hair.

It can be great for adding some natural highlights and you might find the change in water (i.e. soft v hard) beneficial, or the fact that you take less time drying and styling your hair.

Not the case for me.  My hair is *sigh* dry, frizzy, colour treated (and I’m talking bleach) plus I like to (have to) blow dry it and often curl it or straighten it.  And then, (help me)  I like to keep it long and still try and grow it!  So add sun damage on top it is just…. Noooooooo ?

StriVectin UN protection spray

I purchased my 150ml bottle in Boots in the UK, StriVectin have a US website but they don’t currently ship to the UK.

It came with me on holiday to Spain recently, where I applied it every morning on dry hair.
You can apply it to damp or dry hair, it doesn’t say that it can be used as a heat protection spray so if you are applying pre blow dry please bear that in mind.  Anyway I wanted to apply it to dry hair and I checked for that before I handed over my £24.

Now back from holiday and pleased to say my hair did not fry and I haven’t come back any blonder (or dryer) so I think the spray must have worked – result??

However… I really didn’t like one major point about this product and that is (was) the spray action.

The spray was not fine enough.  It is not an aerosol so you don’t get the fine mist you do with hair spray (L’Oreal Elnett do a very good UV Filter Hair Spray) however I have had better sprays from non aerosol products.

The way the spray, sprayed was too direct and the concentration of the product too direct.

The only way I could really use it was to spray in front of me and then walk through the mist before it fell (aren’t you meant to do that with perfume?)

However now back home the spray is even worse and more like a jet from a water pistol.  I have examined the contents of the bottle and the product is quite thick and sticky so I can only think it has clogged up the spray head.

I have about half a bottle left and am not sure how I am going to use the rest, I expect it is going to languish on the bathroom shelf for a while.  I might get round to trying to replace the spray head or giving it a rinse in hot water.


  • My hair does need UV protection due to its (poor) condition.
  • Using UV hair protection does appear to have worked
  • StriVectin UV protection spray (like the stretch mark cream) is not going to be a repurchase unless they sort out the products packaging, and by that I mean the spray.

To be constructive I am going to let them know where I feel the product has failed as I do think it worked it is just the delivery/application that is poor.

The next holiday

Holidays are over for me this year but I am still on the look out for UV protection sprays so if you know a goodie please let me know.

Thanks for reading and ?


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