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May 1, 2019

I was recently sent a couple of solid colognes to try from a company called VONBROS.

VONBROS (formed by the Von Riesen brothers) offer all natural, handcrafted, vegan & cruelty free products aimed at men.

They do a great range of beard related products but also nestled in there are their Solid Colognes which I feel are too good to be reserved for the boys.

Mr BeautyBoo is always stealing trying my products, time to get my own back!

VONBROS Solid Colgone, Omega vintage watch

VONBROS Solid Cologne

Obviously these are fragranced and smell great but let me first talk about the look and texture.

These solid colognes (rrp. £16.50/$20 CAD) come in a cute tin, and due to them being solid they are really portable and can be flung in your hand/man bag, pocket etc and they are not going to leak – great for holidays.Vonbros soild colgine box and 2 tins

To use you just need to rub a finger or thumb across them and they warm up enough for you to then transfer the cologne, to your wrist neck etc.

I like to scoop just a little out with my nail and then rub it on – but that’s just me!

VONBROS offer natural, handcrafted, vegan & cruelty free products… not just for boys!

Mr BeautyBoo has been getting involved rubs it into the palm of his hand first and then pats it on his face.


I’ve been wearing Rio de Janeiro which is an exotic blend containing Brazilian oils, sweet almond and mango.

It’s not flowery, but also not too musky, quite sultry and sexy which is going to appeal to you and him alike. Vonbros solid cologne open tin on leather bag

The other VONBROS cologne I have is called Dead Horse Creek!

It’s certainly a different name for a fragrance, I needed to experience it from a curiosity point of view – to make sure it didn’t do what it said on the tin!

Turns out the name is a nod to the town where VONBROS hail from – the small city of Morden in Canada.

It does smell good.  Of the two I have this is more of a ‘masculine’ smell but again I can’t see why it can’t be worn by everyone.

It’s a very warm smell, quite heady smells slightly lemony.Vonbros Dead horse Creek and Rio de Janerio solid cologne

Once applied both the colognes really last all day and even longer.

I like both the colognes my favourite on me is Rio de Janerio as it is the lighter of the two, so I have kept that one and given Dead Horse Creek to Mr BeautyBoo – it smells really great on him.

You can purchase VONBROS products from Live in the Light who only sell natural, organic & chemical free skin care, body care, hair care and cosmetics.

*gifted products

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