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March 26, 2018

Skinade – get back to Great Skin

You know me and my love of the squidgy stuff – collagen that is.  It’s what makes our skin soft and smooth but also firm and when you’re young you just take it for granted.

Slowly yet inevitably your collagen starts to decline (from about 25) but you don’t really notice for a while and then suddenly one day you do!! ?

The first sign for me wasn’t fine lines (but they are part of it) but my skin looked flat, dull and *sigh* starting to sag a bit.

Fortunately modern science is moving on and with a good skin care regime, wearing an SPF (every day) not smoking and trying to eat healthily (most of time ?) we are all looking better for longer.

Say ‘cheers’ to Skinade

I am a real advocate of getting collagen into me, and I have tried Skinade before and really rate it.

In case you don’t already know it’s a daily collagen drink (containing marine ? collagen) that not only tastes great but it works.

Recently whilst visiting the rather wonderful Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning we got on the subject of skin laxity and the causes which in the main is down to a reduction in collagen and how Skinade can help…

Skinade collagen drink

Now I’m no Doctor but I do spend way too much time looking at my face and as I’ve got older I know it is no longer a case of ‘mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?’ – (really ? as IF it ever was!!)

You see, I’m in my fifties and do (begrudgingly) accept I can’t have my 25 year old skin back, but I am determined to do the best I can for it and this where Skinade comes to my aid.

Skinade collagen drink

I’ve taken ‘breaks’ from Skinade in the past but always when I start taking it again I think, ‘Why did I stop?’

With most things in life cost is a factor.  A 30 day supply is £105 which works out at £3.50 a day which really isn’t that much for younger skin but is quite an initial outlay.

But you get more than just collagen for your money…   Skinade also contains a vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B9 & B12) plus vitamin C and fatty acids omega 3 & 6.

Plus – if you buy a 90 day course from Dr Aarti’s webpage you get a discount  – click here

Skinade – How to take

It’s a drink so you simply drink it!

Each daily bottle is pre mixed and tastes lovely – fruity.  I take mine first thing in the morning replacing my breakfast coffee.   I used to take it first thing in the morning with my coffee – but this isn’t good advice.

Skinade advise to avoid caffeine an hour before and after drinking it as caffeine can hinder the absorption of the collagen.

What I now do is take a home made coffee to work to replace the Costa I use to buy first thing in the morning, which is saving me £2.50 a day

For those of you on the go there is also a travel pack (which you mix with water) which is hand luggage friendly ✈️

Skinade collagen drink travel size


Taking Skinade will improve all of your skin ?
It isn’t just the skin on your face that will get a collagen boost but also your neck, arms, bust etc – you will definitely become a lot more stroke-able.

Another happy side effect I find is the condition of my hair and nails improves.

If you would like to try Skinade or want more information on ageing well (and science stuff) please visit Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning’s website –

*post includes PR sample

skinade information leaflet




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