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December 8, 2019

Getting older isn’t such a bad thing.  The average 40 year old today is still in their prime and dare I say 50+ isn’t that shabby either!

I’m 51 and whilst I have never been confident in how I look, I have always looked after my skin – and I’m told it shows.

I’ve worn sunscreen everyday since the age of 15 and over the years have tried a lot of skincare products.  I was told by a Doctor that it is a good idea to change the skincare products that you use – good news for this beauty blogger, and for you as there is a Skin Doctors for that.

BeeliftSkin Doctors Bee Lift cream in box

I love rediscovering products and I’ve used Beelift before with good results.

It’s a bee venom (no bees are harmed) product that gives subtle instant results.  Over time the action of the venom is said to stimulate collagen and ta-dah! collagen plumps and gives you your glow back.

It’s smells lovely and has a light texture so great under makeup during the day or night if you prefer a lighter cream.  Layer a SPF on top and you are good to go.

Vitamin C

If you are serious about skin brightening / anti-aging you really should think about using a Vitamin C product.

This one is applied during the day and delivery is via a collagen boosting ampoule (not plastic).  I’ve tried a lot of Vitamin C products over the years – some make my skin tingle which is normal, but one or two have just been too much ouch.  I’m happy to report this isn’t one of them.

The ampoule delivers just the right amount but also keeps the precious vitamin C inside stable.

If you are taking a collagen supplement, take Vitamin C as well as it supports the production of collagen.

Gamma Hydroxy

I haven’t started to use this product yet – but I am looking forward to it as it talks about skin resurfacing and some of the reviews I have read liken it to a mild chemical peel.

Not heard of Gamma before in skincare – made me think of the Hulk so I am expecting monster results!  I will let you know how I get on but if you want to try it for yourself now go grab it with a hefty 20% off via my code EMILY20.

You can use my EMILY20 code for a discount on all Skin Doctors products and it’s valid until 31 March 2020.

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