Skin Care… the products I stay loyal to

September 18, 2016

As a beauty blogger I love to try new products, and yes I have stacks of them!!!  Some of which I may have only used once, others I use and then move on to the next new thing, however there a few that I stay loyal to and they fall in to my ‘Much Loved’ category.  These are the ones that work for me, don’t let me down and I have re purchased time and time again.

#1 Much Loved … Skin Care


Estée Lauder Day Wear

In the jar (that way I get it all out).  First reason I brought it, it was one of earliest moisturisers which contained sun protection, it started off with SPF15 but you can now buy one with SPF25, so I’ve naturally upgraded to that.  I adore the smell, texture and the way it sinks into my skin, I really do  enjoy using it every day.  In summer I will top it off with an higher SPF 40 or 50.  When Estée Lauder have a promotion on – usually buy two products and receive a free gift – I will stock up on this if I don’t need/fancy anything else.  A jar will last me about 5 months.

The Body Shop – Camomile Eye Make-Up Remover

They have recently changed the shape of the bottle (which I  don’t like as much) but the product remains the same, and it’s whats inside that counts!  This one has never caused my skin to react, and my eyes are sensitive.  It is able to remove my heavy duty eyeliner and mascara with a few strokes.  I would class this as a budget brand  (i.e. you could spend a lot more money), I have tried others that are as good  but no better, so I stick to this one. The Body Shop

I would love to know what your much loved products are… I’ve always got room for more! : )

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    September 20, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    I love the Camomile from the Body Shop too I can highly recommend the camomile eye make up remover in a tin they do as well. I wear a lot of darker eyeliner and it works a treat!!

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