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February 26, 2018

Skin roller?

I did a mini poll recently and whilst most people had heard of skin rollers, they didn’t really know what they are supposed to do and and more often than not asked – “Doesn’t it hurt”?

The concept is simple and not I promise as scary as it at first sounds.
There is NO pain, but still plenty of g-a-i-n.

Collagen, why should I  bother?

Collagen is what makes skin, soft, plump, smooth but firm and it gives you that youthful look and glow.  We all have it, but as we age the levels in our skin decrease – and that’s a fact of getting older. ?

However whilst the collagen in your skin will start to reduce in your 20’s! You can produce more ? and this is where a derma roller or micro-needling is going to become your new best friend.

More Collagen, how?

Simply put, your skin will produce more collagen if you skin is ‘damaged’, and this is what micro-needling via a dermal roller will do – but in a very gentle and non ouchy way.

The ‘damage’ you do will trigger the healing process within your skin and the production of collagen.

Another benefit of micro-needling is the tiny channels you make means whatever product you put on after use will be absorbed deeper into your skin.

SwissClinic System

SwissClinic have produced a complete Skin Renewal Treatment, and the secret behind this is the combination of two products.

Step 1 is the skin roller, which has 540 micro (tiny) needles.  Below are a couple of close ups of the roller and the needles, which are just 0.2mm in length – as you will see nothing to be afraid of here.

SwissClinic skin roller
SwissClinic skin roller 0.2mm size

The roller also comes with some cleaning fluid as you need to keep your roller nice and clean, so a quick spray after each use is the way to go.

SwissClinic skin roller and cleaner

Advice is to use the roller on a rota, i.e. use for 5-7  days and then rest for 5-7.

I use mine last thing at night as you need to take your time and once you apply Step 2 (serum) the advice is to stop there and avoid any other skincare products for at least an hour.

The process of using the roller is very simple and also pleasant, but you do need to allow time – don’t rush your treatment.

Using firm strokes you pass the roller over your skin, up/down, left to right and then diagonally, think of making an asterisk pattern.

It really is pain free, however you will feel it more on the boney areas of your face – i.e. forehead and cheekbones, less so on the fleshy parts and that includes lips which I enjoy using it on too.

I also use it round my eyes but go more gently here as I know the skin is thinner.

Rejuvenating Serum (step 2)

SwissClinic skin roller and rejuvenating serum

Swiss Clinic have also produced a dermatologically  tested serum.

This non perfumed clear serum has been specifically formulated to improve the healing process and the collagen production.  It also contains some powerful antioxidants including Vitamin E.

SwissClinic serum

As I said earlier I’ve been using the skin roller at night, and applying the serum afterwards however you can of course use the serum at any time.

So recently I have been using this in the morning and then following with my normal moisturiser, SPF etc.


I started using the system at the beginning of the year so as of now it has been about 8 weeks.

I am certainly noticing that my skin is smoother and my open pores are much less noticeable and I haven’t had any new milia crop up.

My under eyes appear to be less puffy too.  Generally my skin feels softer and in better condition.

I am not sure I have noticed any reduction in my fine lines but I am very critical of these…

The roller I have been using is 0.2mm which is aimed more at improving skin texture.  SwissClinic do another roller which is 0.5mm which would mean more ‘damage’ and therefore aimed more at fine line/wrinkle reduction.

It’s a bit addictive!

The great thing about the roller is you can of course use it anywhere you like, so not just your face.  I have just started to use mine on my neck.  The routine now is 5 days on my face, then 5 days on my neck and so on.

Personally, I think that any skin over 25 would benefit from using a skin roller.  I also understand that the concept works on scars, pigmentation and loose skin.  Collagen production is the way to go!

If you have acne scars it would be great for them too.  Please remember though to never use the roller directly on broken skin, spots and pimples – and of course to keep it super clean with the cleaner provided.

To find out more about SwissClinic and their Skin Renewal Treatment please visit ??

*post includes a PR sample

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