Proto-col Microdermabrasion* exfoliation and then some

July 3, 2017

Why Exfoliate?

I did a poll recently to ask for your top skincare tips and exfoliation came out at Number 1 ?

It’s no surprise really as a good quality exfoliant will slough off the old dead skin that might be dulling your complexion and reveal a fresher you.

proto-col microdermabrasion

Yes, your skin will naturally renew itself every 28 days or so, but like a lot of things in life things get a bit slower with age, so adding some gentle exfoliation to your weekly (or twice weekly) routine is a very good idea.

About proto-col

Proto-col are a UK Health & Beauty company who pride themselves in using the latest technology and innovation in their product ranges.

Along with a cutting edge Skincare range, they also have a natural mineral Cosmetic line and a Nutrition line, both are worth checking out.

Proto-col Microdermabrasion

proto-col microdermabrasion

This gorgeous product from proto-col contains crushed diamonds and pearls and is perfectly blended with AHA’s (fruit acids) to gently assist your skin with sloughing off the old stuff and revealing the new.

AHA’s are well established in skin care, I think I first came across them about 20 years ago in Estée Lauders ‘Fruition’.  They are very natural and in  proto-col microdermabrasion they are derived from sugar cane, milk and citrus fruits ?

When applied to the skin AHA’s react with your skin (in a good way) and help to loosen up the dead skin cells, so you can then gently massage them away assisted with the crushed diamonds and pearls in this lovely exfoliation cream.

proto-col microdermabrasion

Collagen Technology

Collagen ❤️ I am a bit in love with it! We all need it in our skin to help keep it looking (and feeling) firm, plump, hydrated and therefore looking its best.
We all have collagen and produce collagen naturally, however it decreases from about 20! onwards – yes really that early.  You are unlikely to really notice until 35+ but when you do it isn’t great – as along with fine lines (not so bad) your skin gets more lax, and starts to sag and that isn’t a good look i.e.“You look tired” grrrr ?
Microdermabrasion by proto-col contains plant based collagen??

Vitamin C

This is another great ingredient when it comes to a bit of ‘anti’ageing’ skin care, and if you are after more collagen it helps with that too – in fact collagen and vitamin C are a great combination in skin care, so look out for them
Vitamin C will literally help your skin to repair itself as it aides collagen production.
Microdermabrasion contains vitamin C from Guava and Kiwi, along with some other fab ingredients to make help you glow:
  • Vitamin E & Jojoba seed oil – both powerful antioxidants
  • Hydrolysed silk protein – for its moisture binding properties
    proto-col microdermabrasion

How to Use

First off always be gentle to your skin – when you exfoliate don’t scrub and because microdermabrasion is so effective you only need to use it once or twice a week – definitely NOT every day and only use your finger tips.

You also only need to use a small amount – the amount on my hand in the picture below would be enough for my face, neck and my décolletage.

proto-col microdermabrasion on back of hand
There is a texture to it, which are the crushed diamonds and pearls, which help to remove the dead skin cells.  You can see in the picture the product is a creamy texture.  There is no fragrance that I could detect.
Important to note – you apply to dry skin – no need to mix with water.  Smooth a thin layer all over the areas you wish to treat, it will glide beautifully across your skin.
I have been using microdermabrasion once a week on dry skin before I shower.  You need to leave the thin layer on your skin for about a minute (whilst the shower warms up).  This time gives the AHA’s time to get working – loosening up those dull dead skin cells.
After about minute gently massage it in, and then I pop in the shower and rinse it off.  Afterwards  gently pat your skin dry and then its a case of “Hello Glow”?


Microdermabrasion is really simple to use and its effective – I am loving the results.

proto-col microdermabrasion

My skin feels so soft and smooth after use, and its more hydrated too.

I’ve now started to use it on the back of my hands too as I feel they are looking a bit neglected – I need to make sure they are blog post photo ready!! ?

Exfoliation is not a new experience for me, and trust me I have used a lot over the years, so would class myself as an experienced user.Microdermabrasion is exfoliation and then some… It is powered up with collagen technology and vitamin C and therefore designed to go that step further…  helping to keep my skin looking bright and fresh plus help keeping it that way.

Suitable for all skin types and made in the UK ??
Buy at £11.95 20ml
*post includes a PR sample

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