Proto-col Collagen Moisturising Gel*

November 17, 2018

I have recently been trying out some advanced Collagen skincare from the UK brand Proto-col.  The first steps in any Skincare regime is to get your skin clean and proto-col Collagen cleansing milk & hydrating toning mist do an excellent job – click HERE to read all about them.

Once skin is ready, cleaned and prepped it’s time for the next step, moisturiser – to not only add moisturise to your skin but to lock it in.

Proto-col Collagen Moisturising Gelproto-col collagen moisturising gel, cleansing milk and hydrating toner

This is a moisturising gel.  It is not a heavy cream but a lovely gel that melts into the skin.

It has a very slight scent barely noticeable in the jar.  If I didn’t know better I would call it fragrance free.  However once you apply it the fragrance is gently released and very pleasant – kiwi and guava.

This hydrating gel contains collagen (plant based) plus other skin friendly goodies including Vitamins A, C and E which are anti-oxidants.

Anti-oxidants are skin super-heroes as they go about mopping up any free radicals.

Left to their own devices free radicals can damage your skin – think of the effect of an apple going brown, but cover it in lemon juice (Vitamin C) and you protect it . ?

About Collagen

We all have collagen but it is a fact that from your 20’s your collagen levels will decline.  Both men and women loose collagen but for women it is generally faster, and after the menopause it can speed up even more. ?

The effects of collagen loss can be seen but also felt.

The visible signs – fine lines, lacklustre skin, brittle nails etc.

Symptoms you may feel –  stiffer joints, aches and pains.

Getting older is inevitable (what’s the alternative?) so we need to expect and embrace the changes to a point (a positive state of mind is a powerful thing).

However you don’t have to totally give in (unless you want to) and protecting your existing collagen and trying to increase natural production may well make you look and feel better – it works for me.

If you want to read more about Collagen and the benefits, google it or head over to the proto-col website as they have written a great article which you might like to read  –  HERE

Back to Skincare

proto-col collagen moisturising gel and cleansing milkproto-col collagen moisturising gel

So more about this moisturiser.

I have been using it morning and night.  As it isn’t a heavy cream it behaves beautifully under make up and my daily application of SPF50.

Equally it suits my normal to dry skin in the evening.  If you have very dry skin you might prefer a more creamy heavier night cream, or you might prefer to layer your products and use a serum first.

Hydration wise it does a great job, plus it contains hydrolysed silk which makes it slip across my skin and leaves it feeling really smooth.

As it is a gel it glides across the skin and does not leave it feeling heavy.  I have been apply this to my eye area and even a little on my lips.

Priced from £9.50 proto-col offer two sizes 20ml /  50ml and two  designs  – a pump dispenser or a glass style jar.

To buy and browse the full range of Collagen Skincare please visit

*post includes gifted products

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