Proaura Vitamin C serum with Astaxanthin*

August 21, 2018

3-day skin care trial?

Proaura Vitamin C with Astaxanthin

This review has been written after only 3 days of use!

Ok I know,  3 days seems too short for a skincare review, product review and usually, I would agree.  Skincare products, if they are going to make a visible difference need time to work.  I usually like to review products after 4/6 weeks, so why am I breaking my own rules…?

Proaura Vitamin C with Astaxanthin serum

Proaura Vitamin C with Astaxanthin

You probably already know about the antioxidant skincare properties of Vitamin C.

You may already know about the ‘new’ super antioxidant Astaxanthin (I’ve written about this before in my DHC post.)

And you even may have already read as I had of Proaura’s Vitamin C serum (rrp £25) and claims of  ‘visible results in… 3 days..’

So after only 3 days of use I thought I would give you my honest take on it …

Genie in a bottle?

Proaura Vitamin C with Astaxanthin, Mulberry Antony bag in Oxblood Louboutinpiegalle

The serum is in a bottle with a dropper, you get a generous amount, 30ml.  The bottle is not clear which is important as the contents are vulnerable to sun damage ? (aren’t we all).

You need to keep it out of direct sunlight and below 25°C.  It could benefit from being in the fridge but I am far too lazy in the morning to plod to the fridge, I always keep my skincare next to the bed.

The ingredients all stated on the bottle include – Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Astaxanthin, which in 2018 are pretty much everything you looking for if you want plump, hydrated bouncy skin.

Hyaluronic Acid simply put it is a super hydrater (don’t be put off by acid, it’s anything but harsh).  It locks moisture into your skin and holds it there.  And of course, hydrated/moisturised skin means good looking/healthy skin.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant so it will mop up any skin damage and protect and brighten your skin.  Big plus ? it also aids collagen synthesis (production).

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant like Vitamin C, but clinically proven to be 60 times (!) more powerful.

First Use

This is a fragrance-free serum (it really has no scent).  You apply it to clean dry skin before moisturiser and SPF (I’ve been using it in the mornings).

The serum itself is a good consistency, not runny, feels a tad sticky when first applied but once it is dry (in a few seconds) my skin felt good… very good.

In fact, good enough for me to skip moisturiser and just go for my SPF 50.

Also worth noting no tingling.  I have found some Vitamin C serums quite ouchy in the past.  I will tolerate a bit of a tingle but I tried one (from Obagi) that just basically stung, enough for me to discontinue use… nothing like that with Proaura.

3rd use (day 3)

After 3 days I don’t think my skin has transformed, however after each use it has felt very comfortable and hydrated.

As I said good enough to skip moisturiser (and my skin is prone to dryness).  Any product that lets me skip a step gets a big thumbs up from me, especially as recently my skin has been a bit congested.  It is good to be able to par back on the products.

Plus, I wear foundation every day (YSL Touche Eclat, it’s the best) and I have noticed that my foundation is gliding across my skin – as opposed to sinking in.  Another indication that the serum is hydrating my skin.

Long-term benefits

I’ve got high hopes for this serum post day 3, and I am going to continue using it, so you can expect another review in about 5 weeks?.

The benefits of the Vitamin C and Astaxanthin are going to be more evident long term. Age prevention (or ageing well) is not how about how you look now, but how you are going to look in the years to come.

What I have noticed, and not within 3 days but after the first use, is more hydrated skin – which is great.

Proaura Vitamin C with Astaxanthin, Mulberry Antony bag in Oxblood, Louboutin pigalle

Personally, I think everyone could benefit from adding a Vitamin C serum to their skincare routine… And this one from Proaura is a goodie with the added benefit of Hyaluronic Acid and the new antioxidant powerhouse that is Astaxanthin.

For more information on Proarua,  its products and to purchase please visit

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    October 19, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    An update.

    I have just finished this serum and happy to say the good skin days continued. Good to know that I am protecting my skin.

    Whatever your age I think it would benefit from a Vitamin C product and remember to wear your SPF – every single day.


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