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January 17, 2020

pmd kiss device and serum Let me introduce you to the PMD kiss – no need for air kisses this is full on the lips smackers!

This clever little hand held device uses pulsating vacuum technology to create volume.

Whilst the initial effect is subtle, with daily use the results build as the vacuum action kick starts collagen production.

What this device can’t and won’t do is give you really dramtic (think Kylie Jenner) results, for that you would probably need to go down the more invasive filler route.  However what it can do is help to get your lips looking their best and if you are noticing volume loss (like me) this will help to get you back the lips you used to have.

I’ve always liked my lips and feel they are my best feature, but I have noticed that they are starting to thin.  I wear a lipstick or lip balm with SPF but lips are made of thinner stuff and collagen loss here shows, and after 50 – give me strength!  This device has entered my life at just the right time.

How to use the PMD kiss – It takes seconds

It is very easy to use.  Charge up the PMD kiss via a USB and then it is just 1 use a day and takes about 30 seceonds.  The vacuum action feels like a gentle suck on the lips – a little odd the very first time but that’s all.pmd kiss instructions

The device is quite loud and you hear the sucking sound so be warned you may get some comments!

It has 2 speeds and also two tips, deicde which speed you like and which tip suits your lips best.

You don’t have to use the serum that comes with the device but if you do it will boost the instant plumping effects (sample size in box 5ml). The serum has a minty taste and produces that brief tingle you often get with lip plumping serums.

The instant results are subtle and temporary – only you may notice the difference, however what I like about this device is the claims to stimulate collagen production which is the bid draw for me.  Trying to get back lost collagen or at least keep hold of the collagen I do have.

To use this device daily take less than 30 seconds and has easily slotted into my routine.  I use it in the morning before I apply my lipstick – I always make up my mouth, whatever.

Start the day with a bright smile and you are good to go!

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