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Pillow Talk eyeshadow Quad by Charlotte Tilbury

January 3, 2022

Eyeshadow lasts for ever

See that’s the thing, be honest, How often do you throw away an eyeshadow?

I have been using the same palette for I reckon 3 years plus (and that’s being conservative).  So I decided I needed to buy new and it was an easy buy as whilst purchasing some Magic Foundation I admired the sales assistant’s perfect lids  (lips are so 2019 😷)!  Pillow Talk was the answer when I enquired what she was wearing.

Charlotte Tilbury online

You have to feel sorry for the High Street as buying on line has taken over sales recently.  Lots of reasons of course – lockdowns, closures and  restrictions (eg no make up testers).  Shopping online may not give you the instant hit but with fast or even same day delivery coupled with discount codes and sign up offers it ticks a lot of boxes and of course,  who doesn’t love a parcel, even when you know exactly what it contains 📦

Take Charlotte Tilbury, I was going to purchase the Pillow Talk eyeshadow quad but by signing up on line they gave me 10% off and for a bit extra spend – they added a gift. Charlotte Tibury package

What I planned to buy – Pillow Talk Quad

This is a delightfully packaged set, and I can confirm the colour intensity and staying power are spot on.  I am not 100% convinced yet if it is the best colour combo for me – but it is early days and I am experimenting still with the shades and how and where to apply them.Pillow talk eyeshadow quad

These are new shadow colours for me, not the kind I am usually drawn to… I think in the palette the colours look a bit too similar they all look a bit and dare I say boring!!!

But the palette is definitely giving me a new look and I think with an improved technique and practice it has real potential.

In case you didn’t know, on the back of the box Charlotte Tilbury have given ‘instructions’ on the use of each colour.   Numbering the shadows:

  1. Prime
  2. Enhance
  3. Pop
  4. Smoke

On my very pale skin I think the smoke shade is a bit too much.  More of a case I Need to Sleep as opposed to Pillow Talk! 😴

Extra buy That I gave into

Whilst online and I admit totally because of the gift* offer – I purchased Pillow Talk Diamonds, as I am a sucker for lips that glitter with gold.

It certainly does the job but it really highlights how dry and lined my lips are looking.  On out of condition lips it is not forgiving,  but I do love how it sparkles.. I am sure once my lips have had a bit of love it will perform better.


OK so there isn’t really any free gift here – you have to spend over a certain amount to ‘qualify’ for a gift.

I spent £65 which meant I got a a eye-blender brush, which I already had, but I 100% wanted another.

My first ever purchase from Charlotte Tilbury, which was well over 10 years ago, were two brushes.  The smudger and eye-blender brush,  both of which are still going strong and as good as new.  Neither have lost a single bristle and are both still as soft as ever, I can’t rate them enough.  If you are shopping for make up brushes – shop these.

FYI – I am going to reserve my new brush just for dusting off face powder that I apply on my lids to prime for make up.  A blob of nail varnish on the brush handle should stop me picking the wrong one.

I also got a couple of (tiny, two uses?) samples of Magic Cream and Collagen Lip Bath.

Good to know

All the outer packaging and the postage carton can and should be recycled.

Words are my own, products were purchased by me, post contains some affiliated links.


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