August 31, 2019

Oatcakes mean happy!

Following on from last weeks post re the problem solving properties of  Custard Creams (!) I thought I would write a short post to let you know my eating is now back on track. Thanks in part to the humble oatcake and my new filofax inserts – which you can download HERE

Back to eating better

Once I get back in the ‘diet zone’ I really do feel a lot better, I have more energy, sleep better and my skin looks clearer.

I try to vary my diet but my lunches all tend to be fairly similar and feature Mr O Cake a lot!Lunch box, cutlery, water bottle, oatcakes, apple

Everyday Lunch

I like Nairns Organic Super Seeded Oatcakes which taste great just as there are.  I also like to have a packet of Walkers Baked crisps, always an apple and usually a banana.  If I’m at home I’ll have about 100g of Skyr (fat free) with a few frozen raspberries.  When I’m out and about I try and find a 0% fat pot of natural greek yoghurt as the Skyr pots are usually too big.

I do a fair amount of travel in my day job, so have got myself a cute sandwich box with a lid that doubles as a mini chopping board as I always cut up my apple due to my ongoing orthodontic work.

I travel with my Joseph cutlery set and Bunny my cockapoo has lent me his Butternut Box# bandana; which comes in handy as I too can be a bit of a mucky pup!Oatcakes and apple on chopping board

I appreciate it may not seem like a lot of food but it does take a while to eat.  When I sit down at home for lunch I am still chomping long after Mr BeautyBoo has finished his sandwich.

coffee cup and saucer, oatcakes on a tray with apple, packet of crisps

For my journal

1 oatcake = 1 point each I have 5
Crisps = 3 points
Fruit = zero points
Skyr or 0% natural greek yoghurt = 1 point
Total = 9 points


Dogs Dinner

#Butternut Box  : freshly prepared dog food delivery service.

My 12 year old cockapoo Bunny has just signed up to Butternut Box.

brown cockapoo

Bunny ❤️

As an older boy his tummy is a little sensitive and he has suffered with pancreatitis.  Butternut do low fat dinners that he really enjoys, freshly prepared and delivered.

If your fur baby would like to try ButterNut you can use my discount code ? 


*post includes some affliated links

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