Blurred Lines – Nars v Avon

December 5, 2016


And the contenders are:

  • NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder, 10g – £27
  • AVON MagiX HD Finishing Powder, 10g  – £10.50

I have been using my NARS powder for about 6 months and without much thought really.   In case you don’t know this is a bit of a cult product.  It’s a white loose powder and I quote “fused with ‘Photochromic Technology’ to diffuse light and adjust to new sources of light.  Fine lines, wrinkles and pores optically fade and skin is visibly smoothed…”

Quite bold claims for a powder.  To be honest until I purchased the AVON MagiX HD Finishing Powder I hadn’t really taken much notice of how the NARS Light Reflecting Powder was performing.  It was just the normal daily routine of YSL foundation, concealer and then powder to ‘set’

So the AVON powder comes into my make-up kit and claims; “Pores, lines and shine are instantly blurred, as if by magic, with our translucent, colourless suits-all formula”.  Again big claims, but at better than half the price of NARS… no mention of ‘Photochromic Technology’ though!

So I felt I  had to do a compare,  to establish if my AVON powder is a dupe for the NARS one.

First impressions,  they are sounding the same and the packing is similar.

One of the main differences I could see in the pot is they are both different shades of white.  The AVON one  is a really bright talcum powder shade of white and the NARS one looks a softer shade.

On the skin

As I said earlier before I had been applying the NARS powder but not really looking to see if it was in fact blurring my fine lines.  It blends away beautifully and really does disappear and is very very fine – this is where I expect the extra money is spent.  Plus it really does appear to me at least to to blur my frown lines.  And to think I had been using this for other 5 months and never really thought – does this work?

The AVON one goes on well but is a bit chalky and needs more blending so as not to make you look overly pale, it has more of a tendency to sit on my skin and look a bit dusty, unlike the  NARS one.  It does also seem to soften the lines but not as much as the NARS one.

I can’t say either that one sets my base/make-up better than the other.  On both I like the packaging and that neither add colour to my face.  I think if you are going to be applying a powder then you should opt for one with a bit more to it, i.e. line blurring and apply it with a brush (neither of these come with a sponge – which I always throw away)

These are both good, if I had to choose between them the NARS one is the one for me,  but the AVON one does a fine job too.  Depends on your budget and how much blurring you need! : )

PS. I would love to hear you tips on how you prep your skin and *set your base… please.

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    December 5, 2016 at 7:08 pm

    Hi I like Laura Geller "spackle' as a base the Body Shop do a good one too. Have an Avon one on order to compare as I have ran out of the Laura Geller one. I don't use a liquid foundation I use the Laura Geller" balance and brighten" which is a baked foundation. I have never found one to quite replace the Virgin Vie "Face Base" but see the Body shop do one so will give that a go.

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