My first Palette – ProArtist Magnetic Palette

September 20, 2016

ProArtist Pro HD Refillable empty Magnetic Palette

I have been toying with the idea of getting a palette for a while, however this was an impulse buy as it was only £5 at Superdrug, it also ticked most of the boxes on my list:


  • It’s black (they also do it in hot pink)
  • It is magnetic
  • Its is a medium size, it needs to fit into my make up case
  • Oh yes it was only £5!

It didn’t tick the see through lid box (but it has got a mirror  inside).  It’s made of plastic and I think I would prefer a metal case box (i.e. more durable), but oh yes it was only £5!

It’s approx 7″ by 5″ or if you measure things in chocolate, like I often do, about the same size as a 110g bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk!

I also purchased one of the HD Pro Refills Matte number 07 for £2, see picture (from left to right the first one).  I found a couple of Lord & Berry samples that I had been given some time ago so popped them in the palette, simple.
However not content with just the three in the palette this bargain buy grew into a little afternoon project.  I already have several MAC eyeshadows and didn’t want to go down the route of buying replacements, however I  didn’t want to wait to use my new palette.
So I decided to pop my existing MAC eyeshadows out of their cases. The process was surprisingly easy and this YouTube clip really helped.
I didn’t have any magnets to hand, so I have stuck them in with double sided sticky tape – happy with that.  I may at some point re do the with magnets.

The box says it would hold up to 18 of the Freedom Pro Eyeshadow or 12 of the contour, blush or highlighters shades.
Thanks for reading this post, hope you found it useful, now where did I put that chocolate…. (chomp, chomp)!!

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