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June 12, 2017

Hello Summer ?

Tropic Skin Care Tinted Skin Shade

I say Hello Summer, when in fact I mean Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn as I wear my SPF each and every day, and would urge you to do the same…

I think we all know that UV damage can prematurely age your skin … but an SPF shouldn’t just be for your holidays but be an everyday occurrence.  My foundation does contain an SPF of 15 but I like to use SPF 50 on my face whatever the weather, so am loving the fact that Tropic Skincare have put this value in their Tinted Skin Shade which is a tinted facial sun (and water resistant) cream.

Tropic Skin Care Tinted Skin Shade

The shade I’ve been using is Light/Medium (also available in Medium/Dark).  I have a typical pale English skin and found this shade to be perfect for me, and it blends beautifully.

Tropic Skin Care Tinted Skin Shade on hand
Tropic Skin Care Tinted Skin Shade blended into the hand

Its easy to use, I didn’t find I needed that much, it glides over the skin beautifully and blends in very well.  I had a sniff but it didn’t smell of anything to me, however I’m glad to say definitely no horrible fake tan type of smell.  Tropic don’t put anything in their products that is artificial and they aren’t the type of company to add something just to make it smell a certain way which is always good to know.

The coverage of this tint is so good that I can actually do the unheard of and go without foundation!  I have to admit though I can’t forgo concealer and whilst this tint doesn’t make you look shiny I like a slightly matt base so topped it off with my mineral powder SPF 30 Brush on Block, which I dust on all over my face even my eyelids.

Tropic also do an SPF 50 Sun Balm which comes in a pot so good for keeping in your pocket or handbag for protection on the go.  Be useful to use on those places that might get missed or need a more regular top up – i.e. toes in flip flops, the tops of your ears or that bit of your forehead that just seems to always catch the sun!

Mineral or Chemical Sunscreen?

Tropic Skin Care Tinted Skin Shade

Minerals are natural and more skin friendly, plus they do the job just as well as chemicals so for me it is an easy choice – minerals all the way.

The main difference between mineral and chemical sunscreens are mineral ones work by providing a shield via zinc and titanium oxides whereas the chemical ones are absorbed into the skin, plus there is some general debate that some chemical sunscreens are bad for the environment ?.

More than just sun protection

Tropic Skin Care Tinted Skin Shade

When choosing an SPF you need to ensure that it is going to protect you against both types of UV rays. Tropic Skincare Tinted Skin Shade contains broad spectrum UVA (the ageing one) and UVB (the burning one) so it ticks both boxes.

I want to protect my face from the sun and personally I never wear SPF to get a tan.  I am all about avoiding the ageing effects, and if I come back from a holiday the same colour as I left I actually see that as a bit of a result!!

However you feel about a tan, no one wants to burn ?, but if you are going to go to the trouble of applying an SPF why not use one that is actually going to do your skin some good too?

Zinc oxide for example not only provides mineral SPF protection but also synthesises (makes) new skin tissue and… collagen ?.  It also helps regulate oil production, so is good to help avoid breakouts and shiny skin.

Tropic Skincare have also added some other skin-benefiting goodies such as passion flower oil known for its  hydrating benefits.  Plus wild hibiscus flower extract which is also known as the ‘botox plant’!  Said to inhibit the breakdown of the elastin in your skin, zap free radicals and thereby promote younger looking skin – thumbs up to all of that.

I’ve really enjoyed using this Tinted Skin Shade from Tropic Skincare, loving the fact that it is SPF 50 plus it’s good for my skin and doesn’t make me look orange!  This 50ml tube is easily going to see me through the summer, but I’ll carry on using it into Autumn and beyond,  as even if you don’t see it the sun it can see you! (unless it’s night of course!)

To find out more about Tropic Skincare, their products, beliefs and values please visit Tropic Skincare.

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*post includes a PR sample


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