Mavadry – this works ??

July 9, 2018

Mavala Mavadry

I am a big fan of the Swiss nailcare brand Mavala, and I try to ensure my manicure set is never without a bottle of Mavadry.

Mavadry, Handcream, burts bees, pusheen

I recently made another re-purchase of Mavadry from for £7.95.

Whilst I try and plan my nail painting for a sensible time, real life always gets in the way and something needs picking up, prodding or scratching!  Who really has time to w-a-i-t for their nails to dry?

On the rare occasions when I find my bottle of Mavadry has run out I quickly remember how frustrating it is waiting for things to dry, and more often than not I end up with a bodged paint job. ?

Easy top coat

Hurray for Mavadry!

Mavadry, burts bees, pusheenMavadry

It’s super simple to use; paint your nails, wait one minute and then apply as a final top coat.  It’s pink in the bottle but colourless when applied.

As well as making your nails touch dry in about a minute it also makes them super glossy and helps prevent polish chipping.  I tend to find my manicure is totally acceptable for at least 6 days with this.

I can’t rate this stuff enough, I pray it never becomes discontinued.  However, Mavala has been in the nail beauty business for over 50 years so (beautifully manicured fingers crossed) I hope it’s future is secure.

Mavadry, pusheen

If you paint your nails and don’t want your hard work to be wasted YOU need this.


Good to know:
10ml bottle – which tends to last me about 6 months
PAO label – Period After Opening = 24 months

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