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Magic Foundation by Charlotte Tilbury

December 31, 2021

Foundation Matters

Foundation is a tricky product to buy on line – as it’s not just a matter of getting the right shade but the right texture too.

Couple that with shops being shut and then not being able to try testers (all due to Covid), it was not the best time for my usual brand to be discontinued…   The upside though of not going out is I have worn a lot less make up so I was able to eek out my foundation for as long as possible.

After doing research on line (but maybe not enough* – please read on) in December I had to go to my local John Lewis as I had decided to purchase Charlottle Tilbury Magic foundation – subject to the colour and texture boxes being ticked.

Now you see it, but soon you won’t

Magic Foundation in shade number 2 Fairmagic foundation by charlotte tilbury

So here it is purchased and forming part of my make up kit, but not for long  🙁

It’s not that I don’t like it – in fact I really, really like it.  The colour on me is pretty perfect and it’s not matt.  Matt looks great on young fresh bouncy skin – but I simply don’t have that (not sure I ever did?).

My skin is menopausal, flat and not glowy but down right gloomy a lot of the time.

This would be my new foundation that I would buy again – but, it’s being discontinued*…..  The sales assistant at John Lewis did tell me this but I purchased it anyway as I really needed one – and even if it was to be a brief romance (should last about 4 months) it would be better than none at all.

You see, I ‘need’ foundation for various reasons a) to make my skin look presentable but also b) without it the rest of my made up face slips and slides away.

It is called foundation for a reason!!

Facing the Future

I really hope that Magic foundation is replaced by something the same or better.  Although the same wouldn’t be a replacement at all…

Here’s hoping it not another flat matt version.  If they go down that route I will be back at John Lewis but this time a different counter, but I am not sure which?

If you are a pale skinned person who wears foundation but likes it to pack a glow – please let me know – what do you use?




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