Lotil a treat for Feet*

July 18, 2021

Summer at Last!

After living in Uggs (I know!) for what has seemed like forever, it feels great to pack them away and embrace summer footwear.  Or in my case say ‘Hello, again’ to my much loved (aka retro) Dr Scholl exercise sandals.

However,  months of being undercover haven’t been great for my feet and they were feeling very neglected and not looking good…  Easy to fix though with Lotil and a few splashes of pink nail varnish.


Lotil cream with Aloe Vera extract

Lotil foot cream with Aloe Vera is rich and great for very dry and thirsty skin.  It penetrates deep to lock in the moisture.  I tried some on my elbows too and it’s equally good there but on my (less dry) knees it was almost too rich (if there is such a thing! 😄).

As part of my promise to start looking after myself again, (18months of Covid and lockdowns have taken their toll…).  I am happily applying this to my feet at least once a week to keep them feeling soft and looking their best, as you never know where they might take me next!

Self love starts from the bottom up and is good for the sole soul ! 😂

Simple and practical Lotil foot cream gets a big toes  thumbs up from me. 👍

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