Let’s talk about… cellulite!

February 6, 2017


OK so let’s talk about the horrible bumpy stuff – cellulite.  It’s seems to only be a girl thing, and after a certain age most of us will get some 🙁   I have met a few women who declare not to have any, lucky them, me?  I’ve had some since my late teens and I was quite skinny then, it was only a little bit on the back of my thighs but I did start treating it then, and I haven’t stopped.

Now I still have it, and there is more of me than there used to be, however it isn’t that bad and I do think that must be in part to the regime I started back in the 80’s.  Back in the day my eldest sister started using the Elancyl massage glove & soap.  Then you could buy this French range in Boots but I can’t find it anymore in any UK chemists so I  buy online or when on holiday (I just LOVE foreign chemists and pharmacies, I will browse for hours).

Here is a link to the Elancyl website but it’s all in French, there doesn’t seem to be a UK site – Google does a good job of translating it.  At the bottom of this post I will list some of the online stores I have used to purchase Elancyl products.

Elancyl have been going since 1971 and what has kept me hooked is there in shower massage glove, pictured below.

The Elancyl glove is designed to be used with the Activ Massage Minceur (Activ Slimming Massage) which is in the picture.  There is a hole on the back of the glove that you can use to put the gel in, or like me you can take the cover off and put it in that way.  The glove is made of plastic and lasts forever really but after use make sure you rinse it, take it apart and let it dry.

I use this every day in the shower, you massage your skin in circular motions, be vigorous and make your skin go pink to increase the blood flow.  Active Massage Mincer contains caffeine which is known to be good for cellulite when applied to the skin (not so good in drinks).

In the shower I also use Gel Douche Tonifiant (Toning Shower Gel) which you could use in the glove too if you wanted.  This shower gel contains extract of ivy that helps to drain and detoxify the skin.  Soap free, it lathers up well and I just love the smell a real spa/shower fresh scent.

Post shower

I then use Slim Design 3D Caffeine Complex on my bottom and the back of my thighs.  This is quite a runny pinkish/brown coloured lotion, which is is aimed at smoothing the areas to improve the appearance and the look of your skin.  Got a bit of a way of applying this!  I put the product in both hands, do a squat and massage it in!
Then it is the turn of Cellu Slim another smell I adore, if there was a perfume that smelt this good I would buy it.  I apply this to the tops of my arms, tummy and again backs of the thighs, and then I’m done.
I really love these Elancyl products and I am sure they work, my husband says I don’t have any cellulite, but I know I do have a bit, but I think these products have helped keep it in check.
As stated earlier, Elancyl is a bit hard to find in the UK and I buy it online,  below are a list of some of the retailers I have purchased from:


Prices vary so shop around, I often find them on offer,  but expect to pay:
  • Glove & Activ Massage Mincer set – £20
  • Activ Massage Minceur – £8
  • Toning Shower Gel – £6
  • Slim Design 3D Caffeine Complex – £20
  • Cells Slim – £20


Some other ways to treat cellulite

  • Not being overweight for me helps, at least I feel better when looking at myself in the mirror
  • Drinking water *sigh*
  • Not drinking the things you would other than water!!- i.e. alcohol and caffeinated drinks
  • Dry body brushing
  • Exercise
And remember to not be too hard on yourself, no one will stare at your ‘problem areas’ as much as you do – you are gorgeous!!


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    February 7, 2017 at 7:09 am

    Oooooooh I really MUST try this have neglected my lumpy bits!! I can feel a purchase or two coming on… Just when I said… No more product until I have used what I have got!!!

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