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June 25, 2018

PAO labels

Following up on my post last week about sun-cream I thought I would write a little more about PAO labels.

PAO stands for Period After Opening and pops up on many cosmetic products in Europe.  A result of a European directive so you aren’t going to see them on non-European packaging.

I do think they are a good idea, but I don’t always abide by them and certainly don’t get too stressed about them; an ‘out of date’ lipstick is less of a danger to me than an out of date egg! ?

Rimmel lipstick, old english prints coaster, revlon Lip powder

Like a lot of you I enjoy buying makeup and often treat myself to new skincare products etc.  I do go through those stages when I think ‘Enough!’ I need to use up all my products before I add any more to my stockpile.  But I never deny myself for very long and the spending soon resumes.

Therefore if I were to follow the PAO labels to the letter (or should that be number) I would find myself throwing away a lot of half-used, sometimes barely touched products – and that simply ain’t going to happen!

When I do take notice

If a product has an active ingredient or a lot of natural ingredients I do take more notice of the PAO label.  I tend to think rightly or wrongly that active means ‘live’ and things that live, die!

Natural products which are great tend to have fewer preservatives so may ‘go off’ sooner.

Sun Cream: I  always buy new sun cream every year as I want the sun protection to still work.  My current Heilocare 360 SPF50 has a PAO label of 9 months, but I use this on my face every day, so I’ll be on another tube before the 9 months is up.

And when I don’t…

Make-up, this is when I take little or no notice.  I try not to be in a make-up rut but am sure some of my eyeshadows must be coming up to at least 10 years old!  If I were a professional make-up artist I would take more notice, however I don’t share my products and only ever use them on me, but I do keep my makeup brushes scrupulously clean.

PAO labels in action

Two recent buys in the last month have been a Rimmel Lipstick ‘moisture renew’ 126 Pink Lane, £6.49 which I purchased as it has ‘ta-dah’ added SPF.

Revlon Lip Powder, Rimmel lipstick
Rimmel Lipstick

The PAO label says 30M, 30 months aka 2 and a half years.  I really like the colour, texture and feel of this one.  It might be all used up in 30 months, maybe not; either way, it’s a keeper.

Revlon Lip Powder, 102 Peach Pucker, £8.99. I can barely read the PAO label on this one but it says 24M.  I am sure that this will last way beyond then. Not sure what could go wrong with lip powder?

The colours are really pretty, I need to play around a bit more with them.  The gold is my favourite so far.

Revlon Lip Powder, Rimmel lipstick

PAO labels – you know they exist now, but whether you actually care?  That is down to you, Beautiful.

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