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Collagen Cellulose Sheet Mask

November 14, 2016
  • Sheet masks
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  • Shop, shop, shop online
  • Parcels!These sheets masks have ticked all the right boxes – even before use 🙂

I ordered these via Amazon at the same time as the Rice Water Cleanser.

First off the packaging is great, I just loved the box straight away and inside each mask is as equally well packaged.

Check out the graphics!

Theses masks are a sheet cellulose mask so really easy to unwrap and smooth onto your face; with this on all the wrinkles etc were hidden my skin looked super smooth a bit like a robot – oh for plastic super smooth skin!

The mask itself was not too wet so I could quite happily get on with other things i.e. talk to the dog, do some writing, play candy crush, whilst the mask was doing its thing.

Info in English

As you can see from the picture above the mask is sounding pretty good.

My skin is super stressed at the moment as I haven’t been sleeping or eating well and not drinking any water  : (  I know I need to start looking after myself…. these are going to be part of the plan.

They come in a box of 10 ten and this is sheet number one, so I hope with a diet etc overhaul plus a sheet mask a week I should be looking (and feeling) better by the end of 2016.

Back to the review – I left this on for about 20 mins, it hadn’t dried out but I was ready to take off my robot mask!

As I do after any sheet mask, I massaged the remaining product into my face and neck and even had some left for my hands.

My skin felt lovely after a nice clean smell and dewy soft. I am looking forward to using the other nine.

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