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September 24, 2018

im-PRESSive Stuff ?

Whether you are after a full matching manicure or need to bling up just one nail these super simple and oh so gentle press-on nails by KISS are for you.

imPRESS by KISS is a range of press-on nails – no glue needed – that are easy and QUICK to apply.  You can have a full manicure in less than 5 minutes and no worries about smudging or drying.

They are also great for highlighting nails or covering up a less than perfect one.


KISS imPRESS press-on manicure

I like to keep my nails long(ish) but my thumb nails are always the first to split and recently my left forefinger nail has suffered due having to wear dental elastics (this is the finger I use to hook the elastics on and it is getting badly damaged and letting the side down).

Thanks to these nails I can again enjoy having (and admiring) perfect nails all the same length, thanks to the illusion that KISS are providing.

Each pack contains 24 coloured nails, 6 accent nails, a prep pad and instructions.

KISS imPRESS press-on manicure and instructions

Once applied, and you really do just press them on, you can file them if you want.  I like to keep my natural nails a square shape and these nails matched exactly and are just the right length – I am really impressed by how natural they look (as good as the real thing).

KISS imPRESS press-on manicure and natural nails
Spot the fake?

There are full instructions included, you should ideally apply these to clean, polish-free, dry nails however you can apply them over varnish, but they are not going to stick so well.

I find this really useful as my pesky thumbs chip after about day 2 of any manicure.  Pressing one of these nails on top and Tah-Dah – it’s a 10 from Em!

The choice of colours and designs are stunning but my absolute favourites are the glittery ones, for a bit of finger bling!  (plus glitter nail varnish is such a chore to remove).

KISS recommend that you don’t wear the nails for more than 7 days – they do stick super firm thanks to their patented dual-layer adhesive.  However removal is easy and as I said won’t damage your natural nail – so if you are trying to grow a nail these are perfect.

To remove I used a cotton wool pad soaked in regular nail varnish.  After a few seconds, I was able to peel the nail off from the side. They remove easily and with no damage.

I have also discovered that you can paint over them with regular nail varnish should you want to, the varnish just dries a little more matt than normal.

KISS imPRESS press-on manicure

For more information on KISS nails and other products please click  HERE

In the UK you can purchase KISS imPRESS nails at Superdrug rrp £7.99


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