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October 9, 2018

It’s all about the eyes

My eyes are not my best feature.  They do a great job at seeing(!) but are on the small side, who am I kidding? They are small.

Without eyeliner and mascara they fade away and the plumper my face (good for wrinkles) the more they disappear – a bit like a couple of currants in a bun!  And I’m not being hard on myself, it’s just the way it is.

To compensate, I always wear black eyeliner and black mascara.
I also know false eyelashes if applied correctly will do wonder for my eyes as well – and there’s the thing “if applied correctly”.

OK so I write a blog about beauty.  Not because I am beautiful (!) but because I enjoy using makeup and pampering and protecting my skin in an effort to age well.

I don’t claim to be an expert or a professional make up artist.  And I am most definitely not an expert at applying false eyelashes.

False Eyelashes

In the past, I have dabbled in applying false eyelashes.  But not with much success,  However when I was young false eyelashes were not really a thing like they are now.

In 2018 false eyelashes are everywhere and can be worn whenever and by whomever.

KISS False Eyelashes

A number of weeks ago I was sent a set of KISS Eyelashes rrp £7.99 (Pitch) to try.

I knew this was not going to be a straightforward post to write due to my lack of lash application skills – I needed to do research and practice.

If you find applying false eyelashes easy then good for you and you can more or less stop reading now with the knowledge that KISS do a great range of false eyelashes available in the UK at Superdrug and in the USA at CVS.

If you are still with me this is how I got on..

Standard false eyelashes
They are made for ‘standard’ size eyes.  You need to check the lashes are going to fit – not too long.
I had to trim my lashes by a good 4mm and they were still too big.  Trim from the outer side a pair of sharp scissors is all you need.

The glue you get with KISS lashes is really good – you don’t need to buy a separate eyelash glue.

You need to apply it to the lash band evenly not forgetting the edges and then wait… about 60 seconds, blow on it if you like, but wait.

My problem step.

I watched A LOT of YouTube videos on how to apply.  I purchased an eyelash applicator as I thought it might help – it didn’t.

In the end, it came down to tweezers, fingers and fiddling.

I wish I could write that I have mastered my technique but that would be a lie.

What I can tell you is the KISS lashes I was trying (oh so hard) to apply were very forgiving and still holding their shape after 5 attempts.

They are a quality product.  I was quite tough on them in the end as the key to good application is placement and making sure the edges are stuck down firm.

I think with careful removal you could reuse these.


In the end, I was pleased with the results and the lashes looked lovely and felt light and fluttery.

I didn’t need to apply any more makeup after.  The lash band  is black so it acts like built-in eyeliner (great if you are smudge-prone)

The only problem with the lashes is me.  I need to work and practice my technique.

I want to get some slightly more natural looking ones for everyday wear –  but I need my application to be quick and to get them right first time.

However, whether you are blessed with eyes like a Disney princess or not, false eyelashes do a great job at enhancing your eyes.

With and Without (no extra make up applied, the same eye)

For more information on KISS lashes please visit:

*post includes a PR sample and affliated links


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