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August 27, 2016

KIKI Alkaline Infusion and Nature’s Living Superfood

Been trying this combo for over a month.
*sigh* Once a month I have a terrible time, my cravings for bad sweet things are so out of control. I say once a month but it can be once a month, a fortnight, 8 weeks or 3 months!  If you are of a certain age you may well understand…  This must be due in part to my age and hormones so I have been researching any supplements I can take and am glad to have found KIKI Health.
I read somewhere that green ‘Superfoods’ could benefit time of the month cravings , so I plumped for the Natures  Living Superfood and I am always, always looking at ways to boost collagen so the Alkaline Infusion ticked a lot of boxes, please do go to the KIKI website as they can tell you all about the benefits.
Alkaline Infusion – It taste nice and you add 2 teaspoons to water and mix it up, a pleasant taste, slightly fruity.  Nature’s Living Superfood – its green!  I struggled more with this one, I started putting 1 teaspoon in a glass but I didn’t like the taste much, so I started to add the powder to just a little water and down it in one!  I’ve had no negative effects, my bowel is happy 🙂 & no burps!! (sorry but I felt it needed to be mentioned).
Benefits – the real test for me would be the time of the month, however I have noticed that my skin is a lot smoother, and the puffiness under my eyes less so.  Now this could be in part to the extra water I am taking, or it could be this duo?  I do feel like I am doing myself some good which is always a nice feeling, plus I am finding it really easy to stick to my healthy(ish) eating.

That time of the month

The run up – I had NO cravings and I didn’t binge at all!!  During the week I did relax my diet a bit but not in that crazy obsessive way that cravings have, but due to other things going on in my life, and I had a few meals out so wanted to treat myself.  Bottom line – I am out of the other side and not a chocolate binge in sight.
I am sold, and have now got used to the taste of the Nature’s Living Superfood.  I will certainly be continuing with this combo.   If everything goes wrong next month , I update this post but I really am optimistic.


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