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February 2, 2019

How was your January?

January 2019, Lotil, Bioglan Beauty Collagen, Boost Beauty Oxygen, Weight Watchers food trackerGenerally I like the month of Jan.  The fact that I have a whole year ahead of me, and I know it will soon start getting lighter and Spring is just around the corner.🌷

Plus this year January has given me time to relax and have some time off from the day job 🙂

Recently I have been putting a real effort into my photos – I hope it shows!  I am really enjoying using Instagram, below is a round up of my January:-

  • Started the year by designing and printing some 2019 A5 diary pages for my Filofax.  Keeping a food diary works for me. Proud I have managed to stay at my ‘happy weight’ for over a year now;
  • A review of Lotil skin cream.  This classic moisturiser entered my life at the perfect time as I was suffering with some seriously flaky skin;
  • Managed to get a cheeky weekend away to catch the tail end of the sales at Bicester Shopping Village.  Could not have had a trip away without my current Handbag Essentials;
  • Collagen review – I have been taking collagen in various forms for years.  However the Bioglan Beauty Collagen range was new to me. It’s a really great way to take (marine) collagen and it tastes great 🍓

So it’s ‘Bye Bye January’ 👋 and ‘Hello February’


PS I hope you had a great start to 2019. Why not let me know by leaving a comment – or follow me on Instagram let’s connect 🙂

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