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February 2, 2019

How was your January?

January 2019, Lotil, Bioglan Beauty Collagen, Boost Beauty Oxygen, Weight Watchers food trackerGenerally I like the month of Jan.  The fact that I have a whole year ahead of me, and I know it will soon start getting lighter and Spring is just around the corner.?

Plus this year January has given me time to relax and have some time off from the day job 🙂

Recently I have been putting a real effort into my photos – I hope it shows!  I am really enjoying using Instagram, below is a round up of my January:-

  • Started the year by designing and printing some 2019 A5 diary pages for my Filofax.  Keeping a food diary works for me. Proud I have managed to stay at my ‘happy weight’ for over a year now;
  • A review of Lotil skin cream.  This classic moisturiser entered my life at the perfect time as I was suffering with some seriously flaky skin;
  • Managed to get a cheeky weekend away to catch the tail end of the sales at Bicester Shopping Village.  Could not have had a trip away without my current Handbag Essentials;
  • Collagen review – I have been taking collagen in various forms for years.  However the Bioglan Beauty Collagen range was new to me. It’s a really great way to take (marine) collagen and it tastes great ?

So it’s ‘Bye Bye January’ ? and ‘Hello February’


PS I hope you had a great start to 2019. Why not let me know by leaving a comment – or follow me on Instagram let’s connect 🙂

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