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June 26, 2017
Clarins body fit travel pack

I know, the idea is you get beach body ready and then you go on holiday?  Well I just have to be different! I went on holiday and decided that next time I would be ready…  which lead me to purchase…

Clarins Body Fit – Anti Cellulite Conturing Expert

I had read about this new product from Clarins prior to going away, so I made the effort to seek it out on my return to the UK at the airport.  There was an offer on and I was able to pick up this Travel Exclusive which is 2 full size bottles (2 x 200ml).

The packaging is red and white and has a real 80’s look to it – but there is nothing retro about this Anti-Cellulite Cream – it is all new for 2017.

Clarins Body Fit

Thigh High hopes

I have always tried to combat cellulite (keep it at bay) and been loyal to products by Elancyl. Unfortunately Elancyl is not that easy to buy in the UK, so I usually purchase it whilst on holiday or online.

Normally this isn’t a problem as I love a a foreign pharmacy, plus in Spain & France it (Elancyl) is easy to get, even in the supermarket!

This was not to be the case in Italy ?? where my holiday souvenir shopping for Elancyl drew a blank.

In with the new – Clarins Body Fit

Clarins have formulated this body cream with 8 plant extracts.  Called Body Fit it is subtitled as an ‘Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert visibly,  smoothes, firms, lifts’.

It’s a cream/gel, a pale salmon colour and it smells very nice – a bit fruity, a bit minty.

Clarins Body Fit Cream

I have been applying this everyday either first thing in the morning, and/or after my shower and can get dressed pretty much straight away afterwards as it is easily absorbed and there is no stickiness after application.


There is all the usual (and very comprehensive) product information on the box, carton and bottle, plus an additional leaflet inside called  ‘Self Massage Body Conturing Method’, which explains how you should apply Body Fit for best results.

I have read the leaflet (and would encourage you to too) but to be honest I haven’t followed the instructions on how to apply it!!

Clarins Body Fit and application leaflet

The instructions advise you to do various application methods on the floor and follow these up with a couple of exercises.  In my bathroom there is simply no space for me to lie down, plus in the morning I just don’t have the time.

I’m sure its all good advice but I apply the cream like this:

  • Put a generous amount into the palm of my hand and apply it to the back of each leg and inner thigh and massage it up and down about 10 times.
  • Follow up with cream on each buttock ? (up and down motion)
  • Any left overs go on my arms and tummy.


Clarins claim –  my legs should “feel and look lighter… redness and blotchiness should disappear demonstrating that the toxins have been eliminated...”
I have had a look at the back of my thighs immediately after application and they do look a more even skin tone, and they are definitely feeling smoother and less bumpy.  Plus they feel more hydrated.
Overal I am enjoying using Body Fit and am liking what I see, plus with two bottles worth in my Travel Pack I will be using it well into Autumn.
However I will still use Elancyl too,  I can’t imagine having a shower and not using my glove and Elancyl massage gel.
But for a day cream Clarins Body Fit is making me feel better about my thighs – and that is a major result.  So it’s ‘Good Bye’ Elancyl Cellu Slim and ‘Hello’ Body Fit as this new kid on the block is a keeper.

Clarins Body Fit

To conclude

I guess the moral of this post is don’t get too set in your ways and be open to try something new!

Please leave me a comment below on any new product you have recently discovered – I may need to try it too!

Thank you and ??

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