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Invisalign Review – on the fast track

November 27, 2017

Fast Track

So I am now on Tray 12 which is a super big deal as it means I am quarter of the way through my treatment with Box Number 1 all done.  I started off with 4 boxes of aligners, Box 1 contained trays 1-11.

When I started I was not expecting to have Tray 12 in until 24 weeks into my treatment, as originally I was told (and was expecting) to change my aligners every 2 weeks.

However because I am “tracking so well”, which means my teeth are moving as predicted,  I was told at my 12 week check up I can now change trays every week – which of course means my treatment is going to be quicker.

Week 1

Week 2 – the difference is subtle but my bottom teeth are being pushed down.  Once they are in the correct position my top teeth will be pushed back – which will decrease my over jet.  You might also be able to see that pesky front tooth I have that has started to move forward.

Pre starting my Invisalign journey

Before I committed to Invisalign I did my research.

I read a lot of reviews and blogs plus watched plenty of YouTube videos – so I felt pretty prepared for what I thought I was letting myself in for!

Whilst I wouldn’t describe myself as a pessimist I tend to think of the worse case scenario in the hope that it won’t happen.

Envisaging the worse case seemed to include:

  • Difficulty getting trays in and out – these varied greatly, from in time “you get the hang of it” to one person describing “clawing at my mouth” desperately trying to get a tray out!
  • Painful teeth, lisping, swollen gums.
  • The time aspect – change the aligners every 2 weeks, so 18 months to 2 years average treatment time

The good news – so far

Getting the trays in and out, is easy, by the end of the first day I had it cracked.

I thought it might get harder once the attachments were put on which happened at Tray 3 (6 weeks in) but it was just simple once I was told use the opposite hand.  What I mean by this is use your left hand to remove the aligner from the back on your right side and vice versa.

Pain, there is a little but it is just discomfort really, it doesn’t last long.  However pain does mean your teeth are moving so it is kind of good!

My speech has not been affected so far – no lisping or spitting at people!

Time – I was fully prepared to change my trays every 2 weeks.  I had read about a device called AcceleDent which can speed things up.  I was seriously considering buying one (via my orthodontist) but now there is no need as I am on a weekly change – just hope it stays that way!

What a difference a week makes

Hurray for the weekly change,  It means my treatment time is halved and I should be all done by July/August 2018.

The other big plus is every Monday (change over day) I get a new clean tray out of the packet and pack away the old one.

I do clean my aligners but they do stain and quickly.  I was told it was fine to drink coffee (without sugar) with them in – which I do about 5 strong cups of good coffee a day (❤️ my Nespresso).

By Sunday night the staining from all that caffeine is really starting to show – it actually makes me look forward to Mondays, which is a very unexpected benefit of wearing braces!

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