TerraCycle Beauty Recycling Programme

March 12, 2019

As a beauty blogger I get through a fair amount of products which result in empties.

I recycle where I can but quite often there will be parts of the packaging that my local authority simply can’t recycle  – and that means landfill.

empties for recycling proto-col skin radiance, nip and fab hand cream, Bum Bum cream, phyto 7, collagen cleansing milk, this works nap spray

This months empties ready for recycling

I hate the thought that this months empties could end up as landfill.

Things are improving in the beauty world and more packaging is recyclable but not all.

Enter – TerraCycle

In case you don’t already know TerraCycle offer FREE recycling programmes funded by brands, manufactures and retailers around the world to help you collect and recycle waste that you currently cannot do locally.

It really is free to join all, you have to do is create an account and apply for the programme.

Once your application is accepted you can start to send your waste.  This is also usually free of charge.

Many of the free recycling programmes allow you the opportunity to earn points for the waste that you collect that can go to your chosen charity.  My chosen charity is the RSPB ?

Garnier Personal Care and Beauty Programme

One of the Brands that are working with TerraCycle are Garnier.

I have joined their programme and below is what I can send them – all brands accepted!?

The return for this programme are free.  All I need to do is rinse the cartons etc, store them up and when ready arrange the collection.

accepted waste Garnier Terracycle personal care and beauty recycling programme

Other recycling programmes

TerraCycle offer other programmes for example the Walkers crisp packets programme (which I have also joined).

It is worth having a look at their site if you are keen to recycle more.

I am hoping that I will be able to get my beauty waste footprint down to zero!


If you are already a member of TerraCycle or plan to join please let me know… ?


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