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I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22!

February 5, 2018

Invisalign tray number 22, halfway there

Tray number 22 is the hump tray – tray 22 of 43 so I am officially halfway through my ‘invisalign journey’.

So far so good.  If you have read my earlier posts you will know that I am speeding along now.  I started off changing trays every 2 weeks but at tray 12 I was told I could do a weekly change. ?

I am still managing to do that once a week with no real problems.  Tray number 18 was a bit tricky to get in (top only) as was number 20 but this was just the first time.

I don’t want to be in a position where a tray won’t go in so I am really making sure when they are in they are sitting tight and I am using my chewies a lot.

What’s a chewie?

Moomin tray and an aligner chewie

A bit difficult to make them look pretty but chewies are small rubber coloured cylinders with a hole through the middle which you chew on once your tray is in to make it sit nice and tight.

My orotodontist said to chew until my jaw started to ache.

The chewing process is quite noisy and a bit anti-social, I sound like a donkey eating an apple!  Plus chewing makes you produce saliva which occasionally squirts out through the hole!!  So I don’t do it in public.

I have a lot of chewies in the house and car in various states of deterioration.  Unlike Bunny’s (my cockapoo) kong they are not indestructible.

When I go to the orthodontist for a check up every 6-8 weeks I pick up some more.

Check ups and more

If you are going to go down the Invisalign route you need to be prepared that:

  • It is expensive £3000+ in my case (I was able to get some back on insurance)
  • It is not a quick fix. It is a commitment in time, be prepared for 12-18 months
  • Wearing the trays could hurt…
  • People may notice – the trays are great but not totally invisible (although in my case people only see them if I draw attention to them)
  • Attachments – more likely than not you will have to have these (they are not permanent)
  • You will have to take the trays out every time you eat or drink (but not coffee/tea!)
  • You will be have to make regular trips to the orthodontist for check ups – so make sure you like them!

The check ups are very straight forward and there is never any pain.  Apart from a visual check the only physical thing that happens is my orthodontist files my teeth a little between the gaps to make sure they have room to move.

The file is tiny, thinner than a piece of paper and really gentle.

What does 22 look like?

Below is tray number 22 fresh out of the packet.

Invisalign trays on a moomin wooden tray

And here is tray 22 above tray 1.

Invisalign trays on a moomin wooden tray

Tray number 1 looks so grotty because it was in for 2 weeks and as I said earlier I don’t have to take them out to drink coffee (but I would if I took it with sugar).

Caffeine stains the trays.  I have got some Retainer Brite Tablets that can be used to clean trays and giving the trays a brush helps too (they never smell).  But I will be honest, I don’t do a lot of tray cleaning…

You get two trays in each pack – top and bottom teeth.  I have laid the trays out top then bottom.  What you can really notice is the difference between the top trays.

Top tray 1, has a much narrower arch, with tray 22 the arch is getting wider and a wider arch means a wider smile, plus in my case less of an overbite and my front teeth are being gently pushed back.

The changes are subtle but it shows my teeth are definitely moving.

Once you have finished with a tray there is no need to keep it but I have kept them all so far, it is a great way to see the difference.

Expect to hear more from me when I get into my late 30’s!!


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