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September 3, 2018

Your skin, it covers all of you.  So why do we often neglect it and concentrate on just the bits we tend to look at the most – ie our faces?

Ok so the answer to that question is pretty obvious.  Your face is, in your face so to speak, and always on display.

However, who doesn’t want to be soft and silky all over?  Ready to reveal all (or just flash some flesh) when the time is right?  This is where you need a product that is not only effective but easy and a pleasure to use…

Welcome to the land of (Hempz) Milk & Honey

Hempz Milk & Honey body moisturser

Having established that all-round gorgeousness does not stop at your face, you need a moisturiser that does the job (smooth, soft, comfortable skin).  But why not also look for one that is a daily treat to you look forward to using  – enter Hempz.

Milk & Honey Herbal Body Moisturiser

Part of the Hempz Aromabody range Hempz Milk & Honey Body Moisturiser (£23.99) is aimed at dry and tired skin (that’s me).
The 500ml bottle comes with a pump dispenser.  It’s a sturdy bottle which sits nicely on the bathroom sink whilst I pump away!  The pump makes it really easy to use and believe me you are going to want to, it is pretty addictive stuff!

First off the smell.  It smells fantastic,  good enough to eat (don’t), yes it does smell of milk and honey but to me it really smells of biscuits, and super yummy ones at that.

The texture of the moisturiser is satisfyingly thick, but it doesn’t sit on the skin, it’s easily absorbed and leaves my skin feeling very spoilt and soft.

Of course, with application you get to inhale the fragrance which is great, and the scent lingers- it all feels very indulgent.  I like to apply it post evening shower and then getting into bed cocooned in this stuff is a lovely way to drift off to sleep.

Hempz Milk & Honey body moisturser
Hempz Milk & Honey body moisturser


Hemp Oil

Pure natural Hemp seed oil is a key ingredient in Hempz products.  Hemp (yes from the cannabis plant) is a great source of vitamins including Vitamin E.

It’s also one of the best sources of essential fatty acids – Omega 3 & 6.

Other natural ingredients include jojoba & avocado oils, shea and cocoa butter.  All of which provide super softness but also antioxidant properties that will nourish your skin leaving it soft, smooth, strokeable and smelling divine!

Other products in the Hempz Milk & Honey range include:

  • Exfoliating Herbal Body Whip | £17.99
  • Herbal Body Wash | £15.99
  • Herbal Hand & Foot Creme | £7.49

100% vegan ?, paraben and gluten-free.
For more information on Hempz and its range of products and to buy please visit :

*Post includes PR sample


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