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Welcome to BeautyBoo44

Hi, my name is Emily and I’m a UK Beauty Blogger  over 44 years old – my blog is aimed at any age 20’s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.
I have always had a very keen interest in Anti-Ageing, not looking young, but great (for your age).
Get over excited by anything new and collagen skincare is a bit of an obsession.
I live on the sometimes sunny south coast with my adorable husband and my bouncy cockapoo.
I love writing my blog, but it isn’t my job, I do have to work full time to pay the bills…

Why start a Beauty Blog?

First off I love reading other beauty blogs and there are so many brilliant ones out there, I subscribe to as many as I can read, and would recommend it to anyone  – it’s fun, informative and a great community.

I really enjoy blogging 🙂

A lot of the beauty blogs are written by young beautiful girls, and if they had been around in the 80’s I would have been blogging then… Still my interest in beauty has not diminished with age and my blog is written by someone in their 40s, maybe that’s my niche?

What to expect from the Blog?

Honest reviews about skincare, hair products, anti-ageing, and the occasional bit of make-up.

Reviews are of course what I think, and are not going to be influenced ever by a company asking me to review a product.  I will always try and make it very clear if I have been sent a product to review or been paid to write a post – this is how:-

  1. #gifted
    If I have been given a product the post title will be marked with an *
    I will also state at the end of the post that the product(s) has been ‘gifted’ to me.
    Gifted means it has been given to me and I am able to keep the product, but I have not received any payment.
  2. #ad
    If I have been paid to write a post, the title will be marked **
    I will also state at the end of the post that I have received payment for my post.
  3. #sample
    If I have received a sample of a product (ie not full size) I will mark the post title with an *
    I will state at the end of the post that I received sample products
  4. Sometimes I may include some ‘affiliated links’ in my posts.
    These links if clicked on may result in me being paid a small commision, which is usually no more than a few pennies.  I will only put in affiliated links that I feel are relevant to the post or have reference to my pictures. If a post contains affiliated links there will be a footnote
  5. My pages may be showing some adverts – again if they are clicked on I may get paid a few pennies.

I love to get feedback

Please do get in touch, to say hello, comment on a post and share your views,
and thanks 😘 for reading.

Press & PR contact

or DM via Twitter / Instagram

here just a few great brands I have been fortunate to work with:




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