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December 31, 2018

Sol de Janerio Bum Bum cream, hand cream, shower gel

Here’s a short post to bring a little a lot of summer to your day, courtesy of  the addictive and sublime scent of Sol de Janeiro.

Bum Bum Cream, this was on my 2018 wish list, which I eventually purchased in September whilst on a trip to the USA.

Why did it take me nearly 9 months to get it?  Simple really, I had read a lot about the product, mostly about its renowned Pistachio and Salted Caramel fragrance.  However, I didn’t want to purchase it just because of the hype – I needed to experience the fragrance before I splashed my cash.

Here’s the thing.  In the UK Sol de Janerio is not that accessible.  Yes, you can get it online via Feel Unique but there isn’t an App (yet) to let you scratch and sniff before you buy!

Buying it in an actual shop is near impossible.  I think you may be able to get it in a few of the high end stores in London (maybe Harrods, Harvey Nicholls, Selfridges?), but apart from them I am not aware of anywhere in the UK you can physically find it on a shelf.

I hope that things may change in 2019 – it would really fit in at John Lewis for example – I may have to suggest it to them…

Anyway and eventually –  9 months into the year I finally came face to face (or should that be nose to shelf) with the w-h-o-l-e range in Sephora – and I fell in love!

Honestly the fragrance – IS worth the hype.

What is Bum Bum cream?

The original Bum Bum cream (pronounced Boom Boom in Brazil) is a very rich award-winning all-over body cream.

Sol de Janerio Bum Bum cream, hand cream, shower gel

TOP – Bum Bum Cream : LEFT – Hand Cream : RIGHT – Shower Gel

It contains caffeine so may have a tightening effect but honestly I haven’t noticed that.

the fragrance – IS worth the hype

What it does do is make my skin feel super soft.  Plus I love using it, the fragrance just makes me feel happy and bright, even on the coldest of winter UK days – it really lifts my spirits and makes me feel good.

It comes in various tub sizes – 75ml (approx £18) 240ml (approx £44) both of which you can get online in the UK.
(FYI – my tub of Bum Bum cream pictured is 240ml)

Sol de Janerio also do a Purse/Tiny size 25ml and one that they call the Biggie Biggie which is a whopping 480ml but comes with a biggie price tag… rrp – £72

Shower Gel

During my USA trip I purchased the Brazilian 4 Play Shower Gel, which is of course infused with the same scent.Sol de Janerio hand cream, shower gel

This is a really rich/thick shower gel, you only need a tiny amount.  I was over generous with this at first and found it lathered up too much and wasn’t washing down the plug hole – sometime less is more…

This shower gel is all just about the fragrance for me.  It’s scent + enclosed space + plus me = ❤️

I love it – I am already on my second bottle.

Brazilian Touch Hand Cream

This is a recent buy.  I have so many hand-creams on the go.  Technically I shouldn’t have purchased this one as one of my ‘rules’ is to only buy hand-cream that has some type of SPF/sun factor built in…

What this hand cream lacks in the sun protection it makes up for in ingredients.  Ingredients include Cupuaçu Butter plus Açaí & Coconut oils, which are all great for cuticles and nails.

Plus, of course it wins hands down on fragrance as it contains a healthy dose of the Bum Bum signature fragrance which I now know has a name – “Cheirosa ’62”.


As you can tell I really like Sol de Janerio – I know I will be repeat buying and will no doubt expand my range.

I love the fragrance, of course not everyone will, but if you see it anywhere I would encourage you to smell it – but be warned it’s addictive!

You can find out more about Sol de Janerio and Sete their office mascot (? – they are a cruelty free company and never ever test on animals) on their website FAQ

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