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February 27, 2017

Beauty Belle Hand and Foot Therapy Collagen Gloves and Boots

As you know I am a massive fan of collagen and the benefit it gives to the skin.  I also love a good pampering session and enjoy sheet masks.  So naturally I found these two products irresistible.
They are both infused with collagen, hydrating and nourishing. Very simple to use and great for a pamper session,  especially at this time of year when you might be daring to think of sun and flip flops.
Both the Hand Therapy Gloves and the Foot Therapy Booties are dual-layered – they have a plastic outer and a cotton like inner which contains the marine based collagen.  Remove any nail polish before wearing them as this will mean your nails get treated too.  The instructions recommend you wear them for 20 minutes  and let them get to work, so you could sit back and relax ….. OR! you can get busy, as….  Tah-Dah!! the finger tips remove from the gloves and the the booties have removable toe tips.  So along with enjoying  a gorgeous treatment you can also give your nails a lick of polish – genius!

I decided to wear them both for a full 20 minutes before removing the tips.  Once I had done this, prior to polish I gave my nails (concentrating on the nail bed as I feel this stimulates the growth) a really good massage so the product was fully absorbed.

Next I applied my polish followed by a coat of Mavadry by Mavala (brilliant brush on which dries polish).

When I was sure my nails were dry I removed the gloves to reveal beautifully soft hands and feet.As we know hands can give away our age so I try and keep mine looking as good as possible which involves keeping my nails tidy, using lots of hand cream and applying an SPF to the back of my hands (handy!! – Clarins do a hand cream with an built in SPF).  We treat our faces to face masks so why not do the same for your hands and feet?  The Hand Therapy Gloves and the Foot Therapy Booties are an easy way to do this.

I really enjoyed using the collagen infused Gloves & Booties and my skin does feel incredibly soft and supply – other have commented too 🙂

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* post includes a PR sample

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