Hair – The cumulative effects of leave in products

September 18, 2017

My crowning glory!?

It is fair to say I expect an awful lot from my hair, and yet I treat it so badly!
I wash and blow dry it too often.  Bleach and colour it, straighten and curl it, and I still expect it to look good and grow!
I use OK quality shampoo and conditioners but never seem to have the time to apply a hair mask – and yet I have so many…
I used to think leave in products were just for those occasions when you don’t have time to use a regular conditioner.  Plus using too many products would leave me with hair that was dull and lacked lustre – err which I had anyway!
With regard to leave in products I have definitely and absolutely changed my mind as over the last 8 weeks I have been using two products that are changing the condition of my hair day after day.

(I do still think you need to be careful about product build up – guess it depends on your hair type, and how much you use)

Wella Elements and Salon Science Hydrasoothe Spary

Wella Professionals Elements Leave in Spray

Wella Elements leave in spray
This is a conditioning leave in spray that I purchased from my hairdresser – who swears by it.  I use it after my regular shampoo and conditioner.
From their Elements range Wella state it “instantly repairs and prevents against keratin degeneration”. Other products in the range (which I haven’t tried – yet) include shampoo, regular conditioner, mask and serum.
I have shoulder length hair – fine but lots of it.  I only need to use 5/6 sprays of this – give it a shake and use it on towel dried hair and comb through.
I now use this every time I dry my hair, and even on those rare occasions when I don’t blow dry it.  It smells lovely and makes my hair feel supersoft.  I purchased it from the salon but you can buy it online – I couldn’t be without it.

Salon Science – Hydrasoothe cooling Spray- Aqua Cacteen ?

Salon Science Hydrasoothe Cooling Spray
Salon Science Hydrasoothe Cooling Spray
What it is about cacti, they seem to be every where at the moment!?
I received this 150ml bottle in my July 2017 You Beauty Box.

It contains organic cactus to help shield the scalp against ‘environmental stress’.  A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair.Initially I thought this spray might have some UV protection but it doesn’t appear to.  What it does give is a boost of extra moisture.

I give my hair a light spray with this each morning after I have brushed it.

You can buy in the UK at Boots, who often have a 3 for 2 offer on.
For more information on Salon Science and their other products click on the cactus! ?

It takes two baby!

So back to the opening paragraph about my neglected hair.
Because my hair is pretty badly treated by its owner – these two leave in products are giving it the extra level of protection it wants, needs and deserves.

Each time I wash my hair I notice it feels softer and is just so much more manageable after.  Before after just regular shampoo and conditioner my hair would still have stubborn tangles, now my comb just glides through.When dry my hair looks and feels so much better – more body, less frizz, more shine – if it had a tail it would be wagging!!

To conclude, as with a lot of things in life two’s company and layering products work.If your hair is dry or damaged I would definitely recommend you try leave in products – and these two are working wonders for me.

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