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February 13, 2017

Colway Collagen Native Gold


For those of you familiar with my blog you will know I am a huge fan of collagen and am always looking at ways of getting it into me!  That could be by eating it, trying to get my body to produce more, hanging on to my reserves (it reduces from age 20! yes 20!!) and of course by applying it to my skin (mainly my face and neck).  So when Evie contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying some collagen related products from Colway International you can guess my response 🙂

Colway International are a new brand to me but they have been around for a while having started in 2004.  They produce a number of products for the face, body and hair.  Also some supplements and products aimed at men and little ones too.

So, What is Collagen Native Gold?

First off it is a 100% natural product (paraben free) and contains marine collagen.  Along with some other ingredients (all listed on the website ) it contains Retinol (vitamin A) which is well known for its anti-aging properties.   Due to all the active ingredients you should keep the glass bottle away from direct sunlight – even if it would look rather stylish on your bathroom windowsill.
(This is pretty good advice for any product, including perfume etc).

How to use?

I hadn’t ever tried a product like this before, and in my excitement I used it at first like a regular moisturiser – which was a mistake.

Collagen Native Gold is not a moisturiser, although using it will plump up your skin.  There are of course instructions on and in the pack and after a little read I knew what to do.

You need to apply this to slightly damp skin, so after washing or cleansing your face.  I mix up my cleansing routine – sometimes I ‘wash’ my face – no not with soap and water of course!  Currently I am either using my Mizon Egg White Bubble Cleanser or the FOREO Night Cleanser.  Or I cleanse my face with Clarins Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs.

I go on, but this bit is worth noting: – you really only need a tiny amount of this, after trial and error I have found a pea size amount (make that petit pots not marrow fat!) is all I need for my face.  You pat the product in to your skin and then wait, 10 mins is the ideal if you have the time.  After that you should apply your moisturiser, I apply serum and then moisturiser.

If you apply too much product nothing bad will happen but your skin won’t absorb it, your skin will just take what it needs – clever stuff.  So, if you apply too much you will see (and feel) a dry layer of product which you can gently rub away.  You may also feel a slight tightening of the skin too when you apply Collagen Native Gold, this is perfectly normal.  As I said earlier this isn’t like any other product I have used before!


My main concern is collagen depletion in my skin, and the regenerative properties of Collagen Native Gold is what I want.  So I have been applying it to the areas of my face where I have volume loss, so my cheeks and jaw line.

You can of course use this anywhere on your body and the information on the Colway site says it is good for burns and scars which of course all need a collagen boost to heal.  Personally I have only used it on my face.


OK I admit, it took me a while to get the hang of applying this, hopefully this post will help you learn from my mistake!  However I am glad I stuck with it, I have, and am still really enjoying using this product and my skin is looking good.  Definitely a more even skin tone and my skin is very soft and smoother than usual.  Plumper? – it’s difficult to say, I don’t think you can expect results in just one month, however as the bottle is 50ml and is going to last me for many months, I hope that new collagen is on its  way.

* post includes a PR sample


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