Flawless Eyeliner by Loreta*

October 3, 2018

Black Eyeliner

I adore black eyeliner – my face is never without it, and I always, always apply it above my lashes.

I like an inky black liquid line which I usually apply with a brush – either a MAC 210 or 266S.

I have more or less perfected my lash lining technique over the years, but I still feel the disappointment of seeing my perfectly crafted line start to fade from black to grey by lunchtime and then grey to smudge in time for tea.

I just want to be able to apply my eyeliner and feel confident that it is going to stay in place – it’s not really too much to ask, is it?

So when I was recently asked if I would like to try an eyeliner by Loreta, guaranteed to stay put… I jumped at the chance.

About Loreta

If you are into lashes you may already know about Loreta the brand.

Established by Loreta Jasilionyte who is recognised as the leading Master Lash Artist and as innovators in the Lash industry.


Flawless Eyeliner by Loreta
Flawless Eyeliner by Loreta

She has a great website worth checking out.  It includes a huge range of Loreta lashes, kits and associated beauty products.

But now back to me (!) and my review of…

Flawless Eyeliner by Loreta

Flawless Eyeliner by Loreta

This eyeliner sold exclusively by Loreta (£14.95) is a perfect jet black colour – the blackest black.  However other colours are available: Green, Purple (good for green eyes I’m told) and Brown.

This eyeliner ‘pen’ comes with the finest point enabling you to draw a very precise line tight against your lash line. (It’s a fibre point so no sharpening required)

Flawless Eyeliner by Loreta

Now I’m pretty adept at using liquid eyeliner, however, this pen makes it ultra simple to get a perfect line.  It glides along really well which is great when you want to create a flick.

A good gliding action is very important as the eye area is, of course, a very delicate place to be.  But if you have an ‘older’ eye area or crepey eyelids you need your eyeliner to g-l-i-d-e to get that perfect line.

What’s also good is the colour is buildable.  Once applied it dries in an instant which means you can draw over an already drawn line without removing your previous work.

Staying Power

Loreta has thoroughly tested their product and state “Tested in extreme conditions, in a humid climate and 30degree celsius temperatures… it stays all day long”.

I found that this did last really well – much better than my regular liquid eyeliner.

My test was at a recent dinner dance where I put it through its paces.  At the end of the evening when my carriage arrived it was still in place – and that is exactly what I wanted, a simple request answered.

However, when it needed to go it didn’t outstay its welcome and came off easily with a cotton wool pad soaked in micellar water, no rubbing required.

This eyeliner lived up to the hype ?

Flawless Eyeliner by Loreta

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