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May 8, 2017

The joys of online shopping!

Face the future beautyboo44 purchases
Face the Future are one of my go to sites for skincare.  They have a truly HUGE product range, prices are competitive and customer service is fab.You can of course order online but the customer care team on the phone are particularly helpful.  Recently I missed out on a 10% discount by just one day (iPad died before my order was complete). When I realised the next day, the 10% discount had expired ? – a quick phone call to customer services got me my discount ?

Delivery is always quick (free for UK over £15) and everything is wrapped with great care,  so no dented cartons (it shouldn’t matter, but it does).  On top of this you often get a free sample or offer thrown carefully placed in for good measure.
Face the Future also have a Blog which I really like.  They of course write about the things they do and sell (all interesting stuff), but it also contains impartial articles and tips on skin, beauty, health etc.What you may not already know is Face the Future aren’t just a shop but a real clinic (based in Wakefield UK).  So yes, they sell products but also know about skin and the products they sell and can even give you online advice, which can include having a peer at you over Skype!

At the moment I am self diagnosing, and my main concerns are:

  • Volume Loss
  • Sagging skin
  • Dark circles/eye bags
Which lead me to have a little spend up and purchase…

H.A. Intensifier

HA Intensifier
The first item on my shopping list.  There has been a lot of hype about this new serum from SkinCeuticals The H.A. stands for hyaluronic acid.  Simply put, the serum is aimed to increase the hyaluronic acid in your skin which in turn keeps the moisture in your skin.  However it also contains something called Propylene and purple rice extracts which SkinCeuticals say support your existing hyaluronic acid. It was on offer but still cost approx £80, which is a hefty price for any product.  I don’t think I have ever paid that much for a serum so I have high hopes.You get 30ml in a glass bottle with a stopper – you suck up the serum with the pipette.  I like that the bottle feels sturdy.  The serum is a purple (red wine colour) and a thick texture which is good, I always apply serum first to the back of my hand and if it is too runny I worry it will run away before I have a chance to apply it.  You just need four drops – forehead, chin, cheeks and then massage it outwards and glide it up and across your neck, then follow with you moisturiser and SPF.

Results can’t be expected overnight so expect a full review from me in about a month.

Mesoestetic collagen 360

Mesoestetic collagen 360 eye cream
The impulse buy of the bunch – that word Collagen I can’t help myself!  I had done zero research before I purchased the Collagen 360 eye cream which is very unlike me.  However the descriptions on Face the Future are always good and I read the reviews on the site which all sounded positive, plus it was on offer and I was feeling a bit reckless so thought – why not?  This eye cream is meant to, given time, stimulate the skins fibroblasts to get you to produce more collagen, which in turn smooths and plumps the skin.

It is far too early for me to write a full review as I have only been using it for a few days but, first impressions? – nice texture, not greasy, pump dispenser and you can tell it has a lot of light reflecting particles in it as the colour is a pinky/purple colour (on application only)


I am really getting into Collagen drinks, they seem like a good way of getting more of this into me.  I recently tried Skinade which was great and I noticed a difference.BeautyColl offer a 28 day course for about £50.00.  These are not pre mixed drinks but a mixed berry flavoured powder that you need to mix with water, very portable, about a week into the course, they even went on holiday with me!!  Made from marine collagen ?

Consume one a day and wait for results – review to follow.

Facing the Future?

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